Fireside Restaurant & Pancake Inn, Hendersonville

Revised 12/28/08 – Have now had pancakes at Fireside a couple of times and I’d recommend them as being consistantly good.

Revised: 3/6/08 – I’m going to have to remove my recommendation for Fireside’s French Toast. The last two times I’ve ordered it at Fireside, it’s been a disappointment. Haven’t had their pancakes yet, but egg dishes seem to be consistently good.

On the plus side, every table is well stocked with Orange Marmalade and Apple Butter (LOVE the marmalade, don’t see it or the Apple Butter very many places anymore). Also the system of putting the little placard with the server’s name on it out toward the edge of the table works really well. As soon as it’s out there, your server comes on over to see what they can do for you.

I would like to specifically compliment and recommend Melanie as a terrific server.

Thursday, October 4th, my husband and I went to the Fireside Restaurant for my husband’s favorite meal out – breakfast. Even though this restaurant has been open for business since 1997, it was the first time we’d been there.

It’s located in what looks like an old house with rock exterior. There is a fire pit in the side yard with a number of log benches in front of it. The inside has two dining rooms. One is smaller and cozy with a fireplace on one wall. The second dining room is a converted green house that is attached to the original building. This room is spacious and could hold a large group for a breakfast meeting or family gathering.

We were encouraged to choose whatever table suited us by the friendly server. The place struck us as a place that was patronized by “locals”. This is always a good sign.

I had the Famous French Toast, sprinkled with powdered sugar ($4.50) and my husband had the Chopped Steak & Eggs (smothered in onions & gravy) ($5.95). The french toast was served with syrup that had been warmed – nice touch. I especially liked the crunchiness on both sides of the french toast while the inside was fluffy and fully cooked – not mushy as sometimes happens when french toast is cooked too quickly. Both meals had just the right amount of food, not too little and not too much. The server was attentive, checking back frequently, refilling our coffee and asking if anything was needed.

Wherever I looked, things were clean. Prices were extremely reasonable – see link for menu with prices.

The Fireside will be one of our regular stops for breakfast and we’ll be checking out lunch, too!

Fireside Restaurant & Pancake Inn, Hendersonville
295 Sugarloaf Rd
Hendersonville, NC 28792
(828) 697-1004

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