Flight Wood Grill and Wine Bar, Hendersonville

“Spectacular Recovery” That’s the term my husband used at the end of our dinner at Flight Wood Grill and Wine Bar.

Before explaining that statement, I’ll start at the beginning of our dining experience at Flight. Arriving for our 7:00PM reservation, we were quickly acknowledged by the hostess. She found our reservation and seated us immediately at a nice table for two on the balcony.

The description on Flight’s web site was accurate: the balcony seating “offers more privacy and opportunity for romance”. The lighting was just right and there was a beautiful fresh pink rose in a very nice vase on each table. I don’t think any of the seating at Flight is bad, but for a romantic dinner with my husband, this option was the best. Main floor seating includes a medium sized open area, great for seeing and being seen, a very attractive bar and, available for private parties, the vault.

Yes, I said the vault. Flight is located in the original 1923 First Bank and Trust building, designed by Erle Stillwell. Stillwell was a well known Hendersonville architect who designed close to 30 buildings in Hendersonville, including the Hendersonville City Hall (built 1926-1928)

Our server introduced herself and said she’d be back shortly. Then another server introduced himself and said he’d be back shortly. When I asked why the change in servers, I was told that the original server had gotten busy with a private party in the vault. Actually, this was a plus in my mind: we got very attentive service rather than being an afterthought to the private party.

While we waited for our meals, our server told us he’d be right back with something for us from the kitchen. We had no idea what he was talking about, thinking maybe bread, but were pleasantly surprised when he arrived with two beautiful hors d’ourves. Before us were small round unleavened wafers with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar in the middle. On top of the vinegar was a sliver of carrot balanced on a small piece of cheese. Putting this gem in my mouth was an experience. The flavors, first the strong cheese, followed almost immediately by the sweetness of the balsamic vinegar and finished off with the crunch of the wafer, just melded and expanded all at once. Fabulous!

Wanting to sample more than one entrée, I ordered the Mixed Grill, choosing the filet mignon (4oz) ($16.00) and lump crab cake ($12.00). My husband also ordered the Mixed Grill, but chose the filet (4oz) and salmon ($9.00). See Flight’s menu here. To go along with our dinner, we ordered a bottle of the Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot – 2005 ($26.00).

My filet, ordered medium-well, was perfect, as was the crab cake, which was nicely browned and crunchy on the top and bottom while the inside flaked apart as I took bites. The crab cake was topped with a finely chopped mango chutney. My husband’s filet, ordered medium, could have been cooked a little more. It was served actually rarer than mine, but he said the salmon was “perfect”.

In addition to warm bread for the table, our entrees were served with a saffron risotto and grilled asparagus. The asparagus was very good, tender with a nice crunch. Unfortunately, to my humble palate, the risotto was too mushy, perhaps it had been par cooked? The texture was more like potato salad.

We followed our dinner with dessert. For me, Apple Bread Pudding with spiced rum and brown sugar cream ($7.00). For my husband, Fresh Fruit Cobbler (mixed blueberries and blackberries) with vanilla bean ice cream ($7.00). The presentation of the cobbler was very nice: a narrow rectangular plate with a ramekin holding the ice cream on one end, a shaped scoop of pale green tinted and flavored whipped cream in the middle, and a bowl with the crust-topped cobbler at the other end.

After such a wonderful experience, why would my husband utter those words: “spectacular recovery”? There were two problems with our bill, one in our favor and one not, that we brought to the attention of our server. He began to correct the bill and then decided against it, leaving the end result in our favor. Even though we told him he didn’t need to do that, he graciously insisted. Spectacular recovery is an expression sometimes used to describe a negative situation that is not only reversed, but turned to a positive.

Flight Wood Grill and Wine Bar
401 N Main St
Hendersonville, NC
(828) 694-1030

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