Blue Sky Cafe, Fletcher

“Just Living the Blue Sky Life” – That’s the slogan on one side of the sign outside Fletcher’s Blue Sky Cafe.

Wednesday night, April 2nd, there were A LOT of people livin’ the life. It was 7:00PM and the place was slammed! Three or four groups walked in, waited and then left while we were waiting for a table. One group, already seated, got up and left saying they had to get to an event and couldn’t wait any longer. This made me nervous because a couple of times in the past, service had been pretty slow.

So right up front, I’ll say we timed them to see how they’d do and the answer is: pretty good, especially under the circumstances. From sitting down to ordering – 7 minutes. From ordering to food delivered – 20 minutes. On top of that, our server was smiling even though she was working her “you know what” off.

Our party consisted of me, my “days away from being 15-year-old” daughter and my “days away from being 18-year-old” son. I tell you this so you can appreciate what happened next.

The server came over to take our order. Just as I began to tell her what I’d like, my son HITS the table and kills a fly! Wish I had a picture of the server’s face. Son looks at his hand and says, “ewwww”. Daughter looks at son and says, “ewwww”. Nice.

To her credit, the server casually walked away and returned with a spray bottle of antibacterial cleanser and a rag and proceeded to clean the table. Son washes hands and says, “really I’m helping the Cafe”.

And by the way, this in no way reflects negatively on Blue Sky. Their 12/11/07 sanitation score was 98. It was one little fly who obviously snuck in when no one was looking.

Here’s a quote from Blue Sky’s web site that really does describe what they’re all about: “….where it is always a sunny day! We welcome you to our eclectic dining oasis in the heart of Fletcher, North Carolina. Our intent is to create a great locally owned and operated restaurant where there is something on the menu that will appeal to everyone! Excellent quality food and friendly, courteous service in a fun and relaxed atmosphere is our goal. We love families, have a great kid’s menu and a special table where the little ones can draw, play and eat (so parents can relax!).”

There are three seating areas at the Cafe: inside seats about 50 and includes a small child-sized table and three chairs tucked out of the way and stocked with coloring books and toys; outside, an enclosed patio with high mounted heaters seats 25 to 30; even further outside, an open patio seats about 16 to 20. The open patio area has tables with umbrellas and a playhouse for the kids.

If you want to get your food to go, you can call ahead and then pull up to the drive-through window to pick it up. You cannot order from the drive-up.

Something that has always caught my eye whenever I drive past Blue Sky is that the building always looks like it has a fresh coat of paint on it and the parking lot is always clean.

I ordered the All-American burger with cheese. It comes topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard and pickle slices and is served with one side and a pickle spear for $6.69. I’m a little confused about the price because I’m pretty sure I paid $6.69, but the take-home menu lists it for $6.19 and the web site menu has it for $5.99. Regardless of the price, this burger was huge, juicy, squish-out-the-back-and-sides delicious. The server thought it was about 1/4 pound, which doesn’t sound that big, but I could only eat a little more than half of it.

My son went with “Create A Plate” where you choose one main item and two sides. He put together the Salmon Fillet grilled or blackened with two sides for $8.69. ($8.49 on the web site) He reported the salmon was cooked just the way he likes it – flaky and moist and would order it again.

My daughter had the Caesar Chicken Wrap with grilled chicken, Parmesan, lettuce, Caesar dressing and one side. Again the pricing confusion: we paid $6.99, take home menu says $7.19 and web site says $6.79. She’s ordered this before and says she’ll keep ordering it because she loves it.

All of us had generous portions of fries as a side dish. They were the thin variety, a nice mix of some very crispy and some a little less so and mildly salted. A family favorite.

The kids each got a dessert: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake (last piece they had – lucky) ($4.25) for him and Peanut Butter Pie ($4.25) for her. It took a lot of control, but I didn’t ask for even “just a little taste” of either of them. According to the kids, both desserts were very peanut buttery and rich and I could probably force them to get them again.

The Blue Sky Cafe web site has a nice slide show that’s accurate except for the children’s table, which I’m guessing was changed to allow for more overall seating.

I’d recommend Blue Sky Cafe as a place to go for consistently good food at reasonable prices, where it’s okay if the kids are still in their team uniforms (or if they kill a fly on the table).

Blue Sky Cafe
3987 Hendersonville Rd (Hwy 25)
Fletcher, NC
(828) 684-1247

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