Italian? Everyone Knows It’s Pomodoros

This review is going to be a bit different: we didn’t order especially “Greek” or “Italian” entrees this time, food photos are not as the dishes are served and although Pomodoros is usually busy during meal times, it was deserted when we were there (mid-afternoon). (Most article photos will enlarge when clicked)

Did you know that Pomodoros means “Tomatoes” translated to English? Pomodoros logo is the first hint:

followed by the masthead on their website.

Before you go through the front door at Pomodoros, you’ll see a very attractive patio with a nice view, on the left (street) side of the building. Interestingly, being right off of the parking lot does not take away from this lovely alfresco dining spot.

Stepping inside Pomodoros, you experience a warm, welcoming sensation. There’s something about a well-designed interior; colors, fabric, finishes, layout, lighting, etc. Pomodoros is elegant and homey at the same time.

The rear wall houses the bar with lots of wine on display and an espresso machine.

Warm, crusty just-as-it-should-be bread was brought to our table quickly along with a shallow plate into which our server poured dipping oil. He then sprinkled the oil with herbs. We stirred the mixture gently and let it sit for a few minutes, giving the oil time to absorb flavoring from the herbs before dipping our bread.

Our dilemma – we each wanted to try multiple dishes. Our solution – share. The funny (and impressive) thing was, our server overheard us. He brought our “cup” of Salmon Chowder (soup of the day $4.65) to the table with two spoons. Notice pepper on half of the soup? That would be PIC’s half.

Spooning through this creamy, wonderfully seasoned chowder, chock full of large salmon chunks, we clinked an empty bowl, er . . . I mean cup, too quickly.

Again, our server went above and beyond and brought our orders to us already separated onto two plates. So, the next photo shows a half of a Turkey & Brie Wrap ($8.95) – grilled turkey, caramelized onions and brie cheese in a garlic-herb wrap with baby spinach and a green-apple and cranberry chutney AND a half of a Bacon Gorgonzola “Gourmet Burger” ($8.95) – topped with smoked bacon and Gorgonzola cheese with lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic aioli.

Also pictured is the choice of side that I ordered with the wrap: Spinach-Feta Tabbouleh (Mediterranean/Middle Eastern in origin). I was a little hesitant to order Tabbouleh as a side, but thought, “if they’re offering it as a side, I’ll give it a try”. Yes, it had wonderful flavor and texture, but it would do better as a condiment or spread, served with pita or some other bread. I took one bite and decided to save it for an evening snack on crusty bread or toasted baguette slices.

Following is PIC’s choice of side (comes with the burger) – Pasta Salad. The pasta was orzo (“barley” translated from Italian even though it’s pasta). Sometimes I look at orzo salad as a substitution for rice pilaf. Pomodoros version was done well – subtly seasoned and tasty.

I’m telling you, the wrap was luscious. Imagine the taste of warm turkey and melted brie together. Next, imagine adding the soft-crunch texture and sweetness of a green-apple and cranberry chutney to the mix. Now, just as you have those flavors going in your head and the salivating has begun, surprise yourself with the subtle spicy bite this chutney finishes with.

You’re in a zone, I know, but from the sublime turkey and brie wrap, do an about face and imagine the masculine, robust flavors of an 8oz, hand-pattied burger (cooked medium) topped with lusty thick smoked bacon and Gorgonzola.

This is what happened to me: I ate the wrap first and, feeling a relaxed sense of contentment, bit into the burger. The experience caused me to suddenly sit up straight, experiencing this rush of, wow – such big, bold flavor! It was like going from a performance of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly to “Writing on the Walls” by Underoath.

The service was great, but of course our server had one table – us. But, judging from his personality, attitude and demeanor, I’d expect he’d be just as terrific even when busy.

Next time we go to Pomodoros, it’ll be for a big honkin’ Italian dinner, hopefully with a big honkin’ group of family and friends. If you’re looking for a great all-around Italian/Greek or Italian or Greek restaurant, Pomodoros is it!

Pomodoros South
75 Long Shoals Road
Asheville, NC 28704

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