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Submitted by David:

We went to Travinia (Italian Kitchen) last evening for a birthday dinner….
…a very pleasant experience!

Starters was the Crabby Shrimp Alfredo Dip, sinfully rich and delicious, a meal in itself! (But I may have to increase my dose of Crestor (:

Travinia Crabby Shrimp Alfredo Dip
They serve a warm, large roll as a bread service, along with chopped olives and oil, and we ordered a nice Caesar’s salad.

Travinia Roll

Travinia Caesar Salad
My wife had the Sinatra Chicken, which was terrific and probably will make for three more meals, and only $14!

Travinia Sinatra Chicken
I had the Seafood Pescatora, which was more than satisfying. The mussels were rather small, but I’m finding that clams and such in this neck of the woods are always on the small side, even in the markets.

Travinia Seafood Pescatora
Dessert, well, the photo does it more justice than I can describe!

Travinia Dessert
All in all, a wonderful experience, especially the bill!

Submitted by Sweet Tooth:

On a spur of the moment decision, we called up some friends and went to Travinia before Thanksgiving. The restaurant had only been open for a couple of weeks, so we didn’t expect perfection, but ended up being pleasantly surprised! It is in the Biltmore Park Town Square area, back near 131 Main. Am really enjoying the development of that retail space. It is beautiful to look at as well as diverse in its offerings.

Speaking of space, we thought the interior of Travinia was beautiful. Warm and inviting. Mostly booths with warm colors and woods. Some comfy couches in the waiting area. Since it was early afternoon and a Monday, it wasn’t busy at all, so we were seated immediately. The bar looked good too although it was quiet at that hour.

I hadn’t intended to get a drink, but when two of the four of us ordered one, I thought, why not and got a glass of wine. Eventually, ,our fourth caved too – ha! We were impressed that when my friend asked the server for help with a wine choice (she requested an “unoaked chardonnay”) that the bartender sent over two generous samples to try. She loved one of them and ordered it.

First, they bring out a large, soft round of warm bread with what appeared to be crushed garlic and butter on top. SO GOOD. They eventually brought us a second round although I don’t think that is normally done (we requested it).

The menu is large and has both traditional and non-traditional Italian choices. At our table, we ordered…”Pasta Mia Nona” (pasta, chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and an asiago cream sauce – $9), “White Pizza” (chicken, asiago cream sauce, wild mushrooms, cheeses, and fresh basil – $9), “Seafood Stuffed Shells” (lump crab, smoked salmon, shrimp, with cheeses and lemon dill cream sauce – $9), and “Homestyle Cannelloni” (stuffed with chicken, ricotta, mushrooms, and chives with an asiago and tomato sauce – $9). We also ordered a side of the “Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese” – $3. And yes, I get that I basically ordered “mac and cheese” as my entree, but really, can you ever have too much pasta and cheese?? We also tried their tiramisu for dessert, which was a huge portion and very good. Our sever said that all the desserts except the cheesecake were made in house (being a dessert snob, I always ask that question).

Everything we had was excellent. The pizza was very similar to the pizza at West 1st. Service was fabulous too – attentive and fun.

At $9/entree, it’s not an everyday lunch, but SO worth it once in awhile. Dinner prices are very reasonable, mostly in the teens. We will absolutely go back. Maybe dinner next time!

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