Tupelo Honey Heads South

Tupelo Honey Cafe opened their second location this past February in South Asheville.

PIC’s favorite meal out is breakfast and one of our favorite breakfast spots has been Tupelo Honey Cafe on College St. in Asheville. Seeing Tupelo’s new location from the outside during construction, I’d been worried there was no way they could carry off an ambiance as funky, cozy and welcoming as their original location in one of Asheville’s historic buildings.

Smart, Tupelo, smart. Going for a different look that somehow hints at their original location, they used old screen doors and maybe not-so-old windows hanging from the ceiling as space dividers. This, along with a very dark ceiling and the use of lower-hanging, belt-powered ceiling fans create the illusion of an intimate space rather than the vastness which is reality here.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Also reminiscent of the College St. location is an outdoor patio, encloseable with heavy “clear plastic walls”. Thankfully, this patio is much larger.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Yes, I’m a sucker for interesting service pieces. Take this cream pitcher, for instance. Adorable, and the cold metal kept our cream nice and chilled.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Regular readers will have figured out by now that I love French Toast. French Toast on steroids = Tupelo’s
Petunia’s Pain Perdu ($6.95). Pain Perdu is French for “lost bread”, or stale bread that is revived by dipping in egg batter and fried rather than thrown away. Some saythe best French Toast is made with stale French Bread. I’ll take it made with just about any kind of bread!

Billed on the menu as “New Orleans style French Toast”, Tupelo’s Pain Perdu is made with Challah from Asheville’s City Bakery, topped with cinnamon sugar, blueberry sauce and toasted almonds. Cooked through, not mushy or too dry, the toast was excellent. The blueberry sauce, on the other hand, was lacking in flavor. I found the jam served with the biscuit PIC had ordered had a much better/stronger fruit flavor.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

And of course, the beautiful flowers are edible. I’ve tried them, but normally pass. Curious, I’m wondering how often you readers nibble the garnish?

PIC’s choice was the Country Breakfast ($7.50) – “Two fresh eggs your style with choice of bacon, baked ham, homemade local hormone-free sausage, soysage or country ham, served with grits, home fries or asparagus” Not all restaurants will poach eggs these days, so that’s a big plus in Tupelo’s favor right there. And, when PIC orders them “poached medium” and they’re served “poached medium” as in this case – more points. The home fries and sausage were both done nicely.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Took a shot of this biscuit just for fun. Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but this thing was about 1 1/2 times the size of any other biscuit around. If you want to argue, leave a comment. Light, flakey, buttery taste? Affirmative!

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Someday, I’m thinking Skyland is going to be called Skyland and not South Asheville. It’s growing like crazy, in a good way as far as I’m concerned. Tupelo Honey Cafe and Thirsty Monk both recently opened here.

Tupelo Honey Cafe – South

1829 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803-3246
(828) 505-7676

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