Looking Glass Creamery Featured by Williams-Sonoma!

Looking Glass Creamery, LLC has been selected as one of six American artisanal cheesemakers to be highlighted nationally by Williams-Sonoma. A collection of Looking Glass Creamery handmade, small batch cheeses will be featured and available via the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog and online at the Williams-Sonoma website through the first six months of 2011. The collection includes three of their signature cheeses Early Bird, Ellington, and Chocolate Lab. Early Bird, is a delicate bloomy rind crottin made from goat’s milk that is aged for about 3 weeks. Ellington, named after the famed art deco architect who designed many of Asheville’s unique buildings, is an ash coated, pyramid made from goats milk with a bright white interior wrapped in a pencil thin line of ash and a velvety rind. The third and final cheese of the collection named Chocolate Lab, is a washed rind cheese made from cow’s milk that is finish rubbed with dark cocoa and chocolate stout.

Looking Glass Creamery

French cheeses were the focus of last year’s specialty cheese offerings in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. This year Williams-Sonoma chose to highlight American artisanal cheesemakers for the 2010 holiday catalog and throughout the first half of 2011. Williams-Sonoma searched nationwide for exceptional cheeses and selected six artisan cheesemakers in different regions of the country to highlight in the upcoming catalog. Three cheeses from Looking Glass Creamery, LLC were selected as the North Carolina Collection. The other five collections include the Northern California Collection represented by Cypress Grove, the Vermont Collection represented by Jasper Hill Farm, the Utah collection represented by Beehive Cheese Company, the Washington Collection represented by Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and the Michigan Collection represented by Zingermans Creamery.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Williams Sonoma collection and to be showcased with some of the best artisan cheesemakers in the country” says cheesemaker and owner Jennifer Perkins. “We owe much of our success to the great milk we buy from several local dairy farms and the loyal support we have received from our community in Fairview as well as restaurants and retailers in Asheville, Black Mountain and Hendersonville.”

Looking Glass Creamery is a small, family business that opened its doors in January of 2009 after a year of construction to build a cheesemaking facility on their property in Fairview, NC. The company is owned and operated by Jennifer & Andy Perkins. Looking Glass Creamery, LLC buys raw milk from local dairies to create their signature line of fresh and aged goat and cow milk cheeses.

Looking Glass Creamery - Jennifer & Andy Perkins

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