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We hadn’t really planned on having dinner at Smoke on the Water. We had planned on taking advantage of Smoke’s Happy Hour. From 4:00pm to 7:00pm Monday through Saturday, drinks are downright cheap, making this one of the best Happy Hours in town. Draft Beer and Liquor Drinks – 1/2 Off, Bottles of Beer and Glasses of Wine – $1.00 Off.

Smoke on the Water
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After a couple drinks in the warm, clubby bar, we shifted from lounge-type seating over to a booth in the dining area. The photo below is the view from one of the booths lining the wall. And, it did fill up later in the evening.

Smoke on the Water

We’ve been to Smoke on the Water a few times now, but the dishes in this post are from one of our earlier visits. As of this writing, a couple of them have been replaced on the menu, but you’ll get a good idea of what they’re food’s like. Here’s the current menu.

Corn Bread was served with our drinks. People can be pretty picky about their corn bread. I like it all! This version was sweet, not necessarily what some think of as “traditional Southern style“, but yummy nonetheless.

Smoke on the Water

Funny to go to a well known BBQ spot and order fish, but that’s just what PIC did. This farm-raised Fried Catfish ($11.95) was cooked perfectly – lightly battered and quick-fried. You could hear the “crunch” as PIC cut into the crispy outside with a fork exposing moist, flaky meat inside.

PIC chose Cole Slaw and Fries as his two included sides. He thought both were “okay” – good, but nothing special. The Slaw didn’t win me over, as I like creamier seasoning with a little less “tangy”.

Smoke on the Water

I went with a Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs ($12.95). A Full Rack is $19.95. They’ll tell you at Smoke their Pit Master (Pit Master/Pitmaster – Tomato/Tomäto) “gets there before the paper to fire up the smoker with hardwoods and put on the meats to be sure the ‘smoke ring’ is just the right shade of pink.”

For my two sides, I chose Mac N’ Cheese and Mixed Veggies. The Mac and Cheese was good. Veggies (a little overcooked) . . . meh. Don’t think this is on the menu anymore.

The ribs were served dry, leaving you the option to sauce it up as you wish. Although flavored to smoky perfection, these were tender, but not what I’d call “fall-off-the-bone-tender”.

Smoke on the Water

For dessert: Fried Bananas Foster ($5.25). One of our all-time favorite desserts – especially when prepared and flambéed tableside – Smoke’s version was beautiful. Perfect for two, bananas mixed with rum and brown sugar are wrapped in phylo dough, deep fried and served with vanilla ice cream. The caramel drizzle didn’t hurt either. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

Smoke on the Water

Live entertainment is a frequent feature at Smoke. Sit outside on the patio (which borders Shoeless Joe Jackson Plaza) in warmer weather to get the full effect as well as people-watch.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Plaza
Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sgclark/

Situated at the Northern end of Augusta Street, Smoke on the Water acts more like an anchor for the part of South Main Street that sees a lot of foot traffic.

Smoke on the Water
1 Augusta St Suite 202
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 232-9091

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