High Cotton Mother’s Day

High Cotton’s fresh, crisp architecture and decor set off terrific views from all seating areas. Their menu’s also kept fresh and crisp with creative new drinks and dishes added regularly.

This year for Mother’s Day, I fancied a real treat for myself . . . and the rest of the family. A dress-up affair for PIC, myself, College Son 2 and Teen Daughter.

What better than a scenic drive “down the mountain” to Greenville, SC’ followed by a luscious brunch and drinks overlooking the Reedy River at High Cotton?

We would have used their complimentary valet service if we hadn’t found a parking space right next to the restaurant. Had the spot we found or free valet not been available, parking would have been easy at the low-cost Hampton Inn garage 2 blocks away.

High Cotton’s entrance brings you directly into a reception area just off their sleek, glass-walled bar that curves from Main Street at ground level toward a second story view of the Reedy River.

We followed our hostess alongside bar seating, past the jazz & blues playing Troy House Trio (seen in the alcove above the door in the photo below), down an open staircase to our river-level table. We had great views. I chose the seat that allowed inside, outside and what was going on in the kitchen views.

High Cotton

The view below is looking up from our table. I love the layered, angled ceiling “wedges” and interior colors, and found the piece of art showing pedestrians as seen looking down from a high vantage point, humorous and interesting.

High Cotton

PIC and Teen Daughter both ordered a cup of Charleston Crab Soup (Cup/$5, Bowl/$7) Both PIC and Teen Daughter liked the flavor (probably the sherry’s doing), but found very little blue crab in the rich, buttery soup.  Tasting the soup didn’t do much for me.

High Cotton

College Son had a Strawberry Crepe ($7), which was filled with vanilla whip cream and basil-macerated local strawberries. Now this was delicious and gone in about 5 seconds! Look at how ripe the strawberry is in the photo below.

High Cotton

High Cotton’s twist on an old favorite, Gazpacho - a cold, tomato-based, raw vegetable soup, in the form of Melon Gazpacho (Cup/$4, Bowl/$6) sounded especially inviting to me as an appetizer on this very warm day. A savory fruit soup served with pieces of fruit throughout, rather than pureed into a slushy. Just the way I like it. Chef did a fabulous job of seasoning this dish so neither the savory or sweet overpowered. I ordered a cup, but next time – a bowl!

High Cotton

PIC and I found the sparkling Lamarca Prosecco ($8) perfectly complimented both our appetizers. As I was feeling special and honored on Mother’s Day, I followed the Prosecco with a glass of Easter Strawberry Sangria ($7) – (berry vodka, Cognac, red & white wine, strawberries and mint). This tart-sweet drink was great sipped throughout the rest of the meal.

Teen Daughter hasn’t fallen far from the tree. She ordered Blueberry and White Chocolate Pancakes (didn’t note the price). You go girl!

I wish these had been turned over for the picture because then you’d see the generous number of blueberries and white chocolate pieces. Although she loved them, there was no way Teen Daughter could finish. Toward the end, she was gently picking out pieces of chocolate to nibble.

High Cotton

PIC went a little more traditional with  the House-Cured Ham & Cheddar Omelet ($10). Bell Peppers and onions were also in the omelet and it was served with choice of roasted potatoes or cheese grits. PIC’s more of a potato kind of guy, so he opted for them over the grits. PIC really liked the omelets overall flavor, seasoning and moist interior, which held ingredients spread evenly throughout.

High Cotton

College Son 2 wanted to try the Huevos Rancheros ($12). This creative, visually interesting dish is usually made with two eggs fried sunny side up over black beans in enchilada sauce, served with chorizo and beef tenderloin, guacamole, tortilla chips and salsa. College Son 2 opted for his eggs on the side (not pictured), so the photo below really doesn’t do the dish justice. He liked this dish, but will probably go with something more standard next time. I, on the other hand, thought the flavor/texture combo of the black beans, chorizo and tenderloin was fantastic. I may have to order this next time.

High Cotton

And for the piece de resistance, Crab Cakes Benedict ($15) for me. Starting from the plate up, a slice of fried green tomato, lump crab cakes, two poached eggs and of course, hollandaise sauce, served with roasted potatoes or cheese grits. Remember what Quick Draw McGraw’s dog Snuffles used to do when he got a biscuit? I couldn’t do that in public, so I just sighed. These were the tastiest towers of southern-seafood-eggs-benedictedness I’ve had in a long time. Subtly seasoned, this was a mild dish with a hollandaise that complimented rather than overpowered the eggs and crab. I didn’t get much flavor from the fried tomato – mostly crunch.

High Cotton

Our server was terrific. She didn’t make any mistakes and was pleasant through the entire meal. She even refolded PIC’s napkin, draping it on his chair, when he left the table for a few minutes. When I asked if they always do that, she said they do if they have time. It’s a nice touch. Reminded me of when I used to work at an event facility showing people to the dessert room, yes – dessert room, lighting cigarettes, cigars, pipes – this was a while ago – and refolding napkins whenever someone left the table. One time a big table of 10 all got up to dance. When I went to refold napkins, they’d tied them all together, end-to-end in a circle around the table. Pretty funny. It really lightened up my shift that night.

High Cotton

Lunch Sandwiches are all under $10 and entrees run from $10 to $13. Dinner entrees at High Cotton average mid-$20’s, with premium steaks coming in at low to mid-$30’s. You can see all of High Cotton’s menus here.

High Cotton is a “feel good” restaurant that offers a “total dining experience”, not just a meal.

High Cotton
550 S Main St
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 335-4200

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