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I was having one of those days. The kind where I’d agreed to meet a friend for lunch and then went to the wrong restaurant. After a quick call asking her where she was, I headed over to the right restaurant – on the other side of town. Ugh!

Luckily it was a perfect day for al fresco dining so we chose a table out on Sol Y Luna’s fabulous, tree-shaded, umbrella festooned deck. This is the same Laurel Park space most recently occupied by Ling’s Bistro.

Just after we sat down, bean dip (delicious) was served with warm tortilla chips rather than the usual salsa.

Sol Y Luna

Drinks were in order! Dame M went with a classic Patron Margarita

Sol Y Luna

and I ordered the Strawberry version. Both  these drinks were traditional from scratch made without the help of a pre-made mix and tasted great.

Sol Y Luna

As our order of Table-side Guacamole ($5.49) was deftly prepared, we learned that Sol Y Luna is owned and operated by members of the same family that owns Papas and Beer. We also learned this branch of the family likes to do things a little differently. They use Serrano Chilies instead of Jalapenos and freshly chopped tomatoes and onions rather than a pre-made pico de gallo in their guac. Delicious and oh, so fresh!

Sol Y Luna

Tasting Dame M’s Black Bean Soup ($2.49) was an eye-opener. Such depth of flavor! Next time, this soup will be on my side of the table so I’ll have more of an opportunity to identify ingredients and seasonings beyond the beans, pico de gallo and cotija cheese.

Sol Y Luna

Flautas are a favorite of mine, so Flautas Mexicanas ($7.99) was a natural. These two crispy flour tortillas come with either shredded chicken or beef. I chose chicken. Either way, flautas are especially appealing to me when the meat sticking out of the ends is just a bit overcooked to the point of crispiness.

We’re talking no filler here. Just moist chicken in the flautas, served with refried beans, rice, a little guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

Sol Y Luna

Following her soup, Dame M reordered a dish she’d had before at Sol Y Luna: Two Tostadas De Ceviche ($5.99).  Funny, but some other friends and I just had a discussion about Ceviche today and this dish fits the definition.

These two crispy corn tortillas were topped with a slice of avocado, shrimp & crab marinated with lime juice, mixed with diced tomato, onion and cilantro. This dish was especially fresh and appealing on a warm summer day.

Sol Y Luna

Sol Y Luna’s “Mexican Flan” ($3.99), a slightly more dense version, was very good.

Sol Y Luna

Service was rather humorous because two very friendly, helpful servers kept stopping by our table at different times to take our order, check on us, etc., only to find the other guy had beaten him to it. We certainly didn’t have to wait for anything!

Have you noticed the prices of these dishes? At Sol Y Luna you can expect to get very fresh food at very good prices and excellent service. And if the weather’s nice, hit the deck!

Following are comments sent to me by “Bunny” after an earlier meal at Sol Y Luna:

We recently visited (Sol Y Luna) on a Sunday after church. On entering the restaurant we couldn’t see a lot of tables filled, but then noticed that there was a larger group in another room, and some people on the outdoor deck. It was a beautiful day. By the time we left there were more people coming in.

We were greeted by several of the wait staff. Wanting to peruse the menu we held off on ordering beverages. Eventually I ordered a Patron Marguerita and Himself a Mexican Beer. Finally, after deciding on the menu items offered, we both ordered the Mexican Tortilla Soup. If you are Vegetarian, this is a good choice; you can order chicken as an addition. It was mild and delicious. This Sopas comes with rice, which you add to the soup.

By the way, the tacos chips and salsa (beans) were fresh.

Our wait staff was very attentive. There was a little glitch in a server wanting to deliver our dishes to another table nearby, but, I quickly alerted him to this. This can be a problem with new wait staff in a newly opened restaurant. They will improve with experience in learning the table numbers on the orders.

After having the wonderful Sopas, I ordered the Barbacoa Mexicana, which was very tender. I asked to have whole beans, rather than refried beans, which was easily accomplished. And I requested no rice. Himself ordered the Carnitas and loved it. Both were more than ample and we will enjoy again as we brought home. We always love to sample, therefore, there is enough to enjoy again.

The ending of the meal was when our server asked if we would like dessert. “No, I love Flan, but have not loved the Mexican Flan we have had before”. She encouraged us to try it. So we asked for two spoons. It was delicious. Did not order with ice cream.

The staff will benefit by getting to know their clientele and greeting them as old friends.

We will return. The food was light and not too spicy for the items we ordered. We do like spicy, (hence medium Thai). All in all the dining experience was delightful. This restaurant is one to be enjoyed. Just give them a chance for wait staff to be trained. Laurel Park should be delighted.

Sol Y Luna
1715 Brevard Rd
Hendersonville, NC 28791
(828) 692-4888

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  1. Just had my 2nd meal at Sol Y Luna in the Laurel Park Shopping Center. It was wonderful! Great service and food. Can’t wait to go back.

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