The Table at Crestwood

After playing with our GPS’ gender and language – Spanish, English (across the pond English) and even Swedish (just to see if we could figure it out), we settled on Daniel. He’s a somewhat bossy British fellow that almost always gets us where we’re going. Sometimes . . . we end up in a remote field.

On this evening, my thoughts went something like this: “Are you sure, Daniel? I . . . don’t . . . knooow . . .”

Friends were meeting me at The Table at Crestwood in Boone, NC for dinner. Daniel sounded like he knew what he was talking about – he has such a sure tone. But, in the dark, that last stretch had me a bit concerned until rounding the final curve – pay dirt! I thought I heard a whispered, “Told you so”.

Originally built mid-twentieth century as a private home, Crestwood has undergone major additions over the years resulting in it’s current incarnation as a luxury boutique resort with a restaurant, lounge, spa, lodge rooms and cottages. You can read the Inn’s full history here.

Aesthetically pleasing, The Table at Crestwood features beautiful blue ridge views through huge walls of glass. Here’s a shot of the dining room from the inside:

The Table at Crestwood

and the outside:

The Table at Crestwood
Image: Inn at Crestwood, Facebook

Using English Cucumber sliced lenghwise and wrapped to create a bowl illusion for this Rocket and Frisee Salad ($9) was creative. Fresh Rocket (aka Arugula) and Frisee from Charlotte’s Green House, blackberries, toasted almonds and shallots had been tossed in a lemon-thyme vinaigrette. The cucumber and sweet blackberries worked well together, helping offset the mildly bitter greens.

The Table at Crestwood

Table’s Duo of Smoke Trout ($12) followed. “Duo” refers to two different North Carolina Mountain Trout preparations, Hickory-Smoked and Mousse. In the picture below, you’ll see just a bit of the crispy pumpernickel toast tips, green tomato chow-chow and fried okra as well as the trout. The fun came in trying various flavor and texture combinations, which were all pretty tasty.

The Table at Crestwood

For my entree, I chose Pork Medallions au Jus ($28).  A true Southern plate, this dish of sliced pork tenderloin coated with Table’s spice rub and pan-seared, was served over sweet potato and golden beet hash with beer-braised collard greens and a black-eyed pea salad. Now that “doneness” rules for pork have been updated, it can be served less than well done. I asked for mine “as Table’s Chef would recommend”. My pork was tender and flavorful with a nice sear.

The Table at Crestwood

Here’s a closer look at the veggies. Loved the sweet potato and golden beet hash. The black-eyed pea salad was good, but although my collard greens had great flavor, they still had some grit that hadn’t been washed off prior to cooking.

The Table at Crestwood

Capping my meal with Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding ($7) and coffee was a great way to end this dining experience. I was afraid it would be sickly-sweet (being made with doughnuts) but it wasn’t. With the addition of golden raisins and topped with fruit and white chocolate mousse, it was perfect!

The Table at Crestwood

Dining at The Table at Crestwood is a lovely experience. It’s kept clean and fresh and service is attentive. While we were there, the restaurant Manager heard it was a nearby couple’s 31st anniversary. He approached their table with a guitar and asked if they’d allow him to sing them a song. It was a lovely composition (his own) and he was actually a darn good singer.

They have other dining options (terrace, library) and a terrific lounge open to the public. If you’re in North Carolina’s high country, definitely stop in for a drink. See more pictures here.

The Table at Crestwood
3236 Shulls Mill Rd.
Boone, NC 28607

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