The Old Post Office delivers Southern Style

On a dark island highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of surf & turf, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light . . .

The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean

Edisto Beach is a favorite vacation spot for families with young children and those wanting something a little quieter than Myrtle Beach. But when the adults want to go out for a nice dinner, there aren’t a whole lot of choices. One of the local favorites is The Old Post Office, outside of Edisto Beach, but on Edisto Island (MAP).

Renovated and reopened by the current owners (see photos here), this former combo general store – post office is a Low Country beacon along miles-long stretches of coastal scenery – read culinary desert – on State Hwy 174.
Overhanging the main dining room is a small bar/dining area. This is where I’d prefer to be seated with a small group or for a more intimate dinner. Even though sound-dampening panels are mounted on the walls, this is not a quiet spot. This evening, a large group of men took over most of the main floor dining room. They weren’t being excessively boisterous, just trying to talk to each other. This meant PIC and I couldn’t. We had to basically yell our order at our server and then smile at each other rather than converse. It’s probably not that bad when a large group isn’t in the house.

The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean

We started with OPO house salads, included with each entree. They arrived in chilled bowls already tossed with a house honey mustard viniagrette and topped with a couple extras: dried cranberries and sunflower seeds.

The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean

Is it arrogance or self-preservation when a chef/restaurant tells you orders for Petite Filet will only be taken rare or medium rare – period? It’s not the “doneness” that’s the issue here. It’s not offering options. It left me wondering whether too many filets had been sent back to the kitchen at some point or the Chef feels this is how filet must be cooked.

All entrees come with bread, grits and vegetable of the day. PIC ordered the Black Angus Ribeye “USDA Prime Ribeye lightly seasoned and grilled”. He was served the Carolina Ribeye, “lightly seasoned and grilled; topped with pimiento cheese and Mousseline sauce”.

The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean

Our server conferred with the kitchen when told of the mistake before letting us know the chef was cooking up the correct dish. Unfortunately, we’d ordered before the 20-25 orders were placed for the large group. For some reason, PIC’s steak went to the back of the line. This meant I was done with dinner before his arrived. Awkward.

The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean

I was originally going to order a filet, but wasn’t sure what the “steak nazi” menu tags were about, so went with Pork Tenderloin – “Roasted with an orange/soy glaze and served over Jasmine Rice”. This is what I got along with a side plate of un-photo-worthy rice and Lima Beans:

The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean

Although the pork was nicely seasoned, it wasn’t the most tender tenderloin and the presentation, well . . .

The two stars of our meal were our $7 each desserts: a Cobbler and Charleston Chewy Cake, an Old Post Office original.

The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean


The Old Post Office - Carolina Epicurean

OPO experience was less than stellar, especially at the $high-teens/low $20s price range, but I’m willing to cut them a break – once. They’re out in the middle of nowhere, probably don’t have the customer base that allows for too many mistakes and probably don’t get huge groups very often. That being said, if they intentionally had one server scheduled and no extra help in the kitchen, what were they thinking?

They owners have a cute location, cute concept and they’re the only show for miles. Hope this doesn’t translate to complacency.

The Old Post Office
1442 Highway 174
Edisto Island, SC 29438
(843) 869-2339

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Old Post Office -QR - Carolina Epicurean

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  1. Good article. Great food shots. The food looks tempting to me and I bet you would have had a completely different experience if those men hadn’t been there.

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