Waiting in The Green Room

    Hours of operation should be easy to find on restaurant websites. And it’s always best if they’re correct. Next best is having a phone message that includes current hours.

    A friend and I decided to meet at The Green Room this past Tuesday at 10:30am, opening time according to their website. But wait – their online Breakfast Menu said they opened at 11:00am. Calling got a phone message something like, “thanks for calling, we’re not open now, leave a message.”

    At 10:30am, they were unlocked, but not open for business. So we walked Greenville’s Main Street, which was a good thing, because we ran in to other friends and had a chance to catch up.

    We got back about 10 minutes before 11:00am and were allowed to wait in the Green Room.

    It was worth the wait.

    We each ordered a Benedict and planned to share. K got the Blue Corn Crab Benedict ($12) Two poached eggs were balanced beautifully on top of fried green tomato slices & blue corn crab cakes and served with what was billed as a “spicy” Hollandaise sauce. A choice of side was also included.

    We both ordered grits as our side. I order grits at least once at every restaurant in my quest for a new benchmark. These had great seasoning and started out as creamy, but solidified somewhat. Even so – very good.

    The Green Room

    Wanting to check out their regular Hollandise sauce, I ordered the Classic Eggs Benedict ($10). English muffin, Canadian Bacon, poached egg, Hollandise – check!

    The Green Room

    It was interesting to compare the two Benes. We both had one of each type and came to just about the same conclusions. Both were delicious, but we preferred the Classic over the Crab. Neither of us thought the Crab Benedict Hollandise had much spice to it, but it and the “regular” Hollandise were both nice renditions. One of the Classic poached eggs was a tad overcooked.

    The Green Room

    I wasn’t able to get interior shots other than the one above, but you can see lots of great pictures taken from various angles here. This slide show includes pictures of remodeling that took place prior to opening. You can see that by the time we left, they’d filled more tables.

    Our server “warmed up” to us as the meal progressed, ending on a friendly note. We were asked about coffee and tea refills at appropriate intervals. Plates were cleared at the right times.

    Green Room’s front window booth was private and we could have done some Main St. people watching if we weren’t so busy talking about food, kids, restaurants and food.

    Breakfast is served until 5:00pm daily. At 11:00am, we thought it really should be called Brunch. This is the perfect spot when you want something “nicer” than the usual fare.

    The Green Room
    116 North Main Street
    Greenville, SC 29601
    (864) 335-8222

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