Cabo’s Burritos – The Real Deal

    Cabo’s Burritos opened about a month ago in the space formerly occupied by The Caribbean at 1971 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC.

    You can miss it if you don’t know where to look. Cabo’s is near The Ugly Mug, on the other side of Asheville Hwy, across from Ingles Market. Look for this sign:

    Cabo's Burritos

    Here’s a shot of the front:

    Cabo's Burritos

    See the yellow sign on the right? It’s pointing to more parking in a large rear lot. A good thing, because the three or four spots in front fill up quickly.

    Behind the counter is owner, Emmanuel Rocha. He puts every order together, while his sister, Xochitl, preps and cleans up. Xochitl is deaf, but it doesn’t slow things down. The two communicate in sign language and smiles.

    Cabo's Burritos

    Rocha told me he’s the owner, but it’s a family restaurant – meaning family helps out. I didn’t meet a second sister who sometimes works the counter, but if she’s anything like Emmanuel and Xochitl, she’s got to be very sweet.

    Yesterday, there were lunch-time lines, but no one seemed to mind. When I asked what he’d do if they got any busier, Rocha said, “Guess I’ll have to hire someone.” He added, “this is the first time since opening that we’ve been slammed throughout lunch.”

    Cabo's Burritos

    Here’s the way it works: Step 1 – Choose your item, Step 2 – Choose your meat and Step 3 – Choose ingredients (done at counter where you can name or point to whatever you want added). Drinks are from a soda fountain or bottled.

    Cabo's Burritos

    Everything is prepared or made fresh each morning, including corn tortillas and chips. Commercial corn and flour tortillas are also available.

    I wanted to try a variety, so I ordered three soft Tacos at $1.50 each: Grill Chicken, Grill Steak and Carnitas (Pork) each on a different tortilla and each topped differently. Totally messy to eat and totally delicious. All three meats were flavorful and tender. Because they were all served in the same plastic basket, it was hard to get an appetizing shot. This was especially true after I’d visited the Salsa Bar, adding the finishing touches.

    Luckily, I was able to get a shot of Rocha making a signature burrito:

    Cabo's Burritos

    Cabo's Burritos

    Some locals have already discovered this gem. This was a second visit for three of these folks and a third visit for the smiling guy left rear.

    Cabo's Burritos

    And at this table, a local brought some buddies in to check it out. They were liking them some burritos! This group made me think “IT” or “bike (bicycle) riders”. Not sure why.

    Cabo's Burritos

    Confession: I did tell people I was writing an article and asked if they’d mind having their picture taken. The answer’s obvious.

    Notes: Music isplayed at a volume some might consider on the loud side. I was fine with it. In fact I liked it. The station played an upbeat rock variety (no screaming), including one or two soft rap numbers (not a fan) while I was there.

    Rocha mentioned he’s planning on opening earlier, adding breakfast service, in a month or so. Expect things like eggs, bacon, etc. topped and wrapped in a tortilla. PIC and I will definitely be checking that out!

    Current hours are: Monday – Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday & Saturday 10am to 9pm, Sunday Closed.

    Cabo's Burritos
    Emmanuel and Xochitl Rocha

    Cabo’s is definitely recommended by the Epicurean!

    Cabo’s Burritos
    1971 Asheville Hwy
    Hendersonville NC 28791
    (828) 435-1620

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    1. great write up, will be trying that one soon. since leaving Scottsdale I have been having trouble finding a great burrito in the Carolinas.

      • Know what you mean, Tony. We lived in So CA for years and got used authentic Mexican. Used to love breakfast burritos at a little place on the beach near LA.

        If you go, let me know what you think.

    2. What a fabulous write-up. I hope these people succeed. It sure seems as though they deserve it!

      I must try them soon, but noted they were closed on Sunday. For them however, I will try to make time.

    3. This review is spot on………the food is wonderful and reasonably priced.Am sure the lines will grow after this review, but these folks deserve the attention and success

      • Hi Verna. I actually worried a bit about putting this review out there. Hope they’re ready to handle more business and hope people who go to check them out understand Cabo’s has just been open a month and is a small operation.

    4. I am trying this place today. It is right down the road from my work. The prices look great, and I am getting hungry just looking at the menu. Hendersonville needed a good burrito place.

    5. The wife & I have been 3 times. We love the food. It’s simple, fresh & delicious. Nothing fancy, just good eats.

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