Lamb Tongue Terrine in Aspic

First off, don’t worry, there are no shocking gruesome pictures of whole raw lamb tongues on this post…

OK, if you are new to this blog , then you are finding out I’m adventurous and pretty fearless in the kitchen. Here is a little back-story on how I came to the post. A few months ago Certain Someone and I were at Russian Banquet and we were served the most exquisite thinly sliced pieces of beef tongue. I asked what it was, and the waiter announced tongue with a smirk that assumed the non Russians would be disgusted. Au Contraire. While I haven’t had tongue in ages I do remember my mother going through a phase and feeding me it as a kid. I loved it! Then suddenly it stopped (I have no idea why). Perhaps I finally realized what I was eating? Who knows. She used to serve me chitterlings too, until I formed my own mind and remember declaring I wouldn’t eat those any more.

Lamb Tongue Terrine in Aspic

Certain Someone blanched a bit at the thought he just ate tongue but admitted it was good, but the thought of what it was disturbed him. Anyway flash forward to this past week. I don’t know how, but my Iraqi co-worker and I on the discussion of Halal meat and that segued into lamb tongues. I was curious. I loved lamb, so why not revisit the tongue? Adventurous culinary types are dining on it in some very popular eateries. So I hightailed it to the Indo Pak corridor of Devon where Halal butchers are everywhere you look. For $3.99 a lb I racked up about 6-7 lamb tongues. I do admit the site of them raw made a bit queasy. But I persevered on my mission. I decided to go French style with a aspic based a terrine, I’m fascinated by pates and terrines and have always had the perfect aspic on my culinary to do list.

So how was it you ask ? [Read More & Get Recipe]