Celebrating at Gallery

Charlotte was the perfect place to spend a couple days celebrating our Anniversary. We’d had such a great dinner at Gallery Restaurant (Ballantyne Hotel) last summer, it was time to go back.

This sampler plate would be perfect to share over drinks in Gallery’s wood-paneled  bar or outside on their terrace. We happily shared three small rounds of Pate, rillettes made with chicken, apricot and pistachio nuts, a chicken ballotine, local onion and golden pineapple tomatillo marmalade, grilled local fig and house-made lavosh. Every single thing on this plate was delicious.


Citrus Poached Shrimp followed, served with watercress celery leaf salad and tossed in tomato horseradish vinaigrette. A charred half lemon acted as a garnish that could be squeezed over the shrimp.


Our third shared dish was Peaches and Cheese. Grilled local peaches were served with Goat Lady Camembert cheese (lightly torched?), house-made jam and lavosh. I loved the combination of grilled peaches and Camambert – earthy, creamy, and sweet.


As long as we were sharing, appropriate for an anniversary celebrating many shared years, we continued on with entrees. This Baucom’s Best Farms Chicken sounded pretty tasty on the menu: “watermelon brined, coffee smoked breast”, served with marinated local tomatoes and watercress greens that had been dressed in barrel aged sherry maple vinaigrette.

Added to the mix were (what looked like torched) watermelon cubes, spinach and green beans (tucked under the chicken). The flavors were great, especially the salad, but the chicken was a little dry and the fresh, crispy green beans needed to cook another minute or two.


Looking for something completely different to go along with the chicken dish, we chose house-made Pasta Pillows filled with shrimp, scallops, peas, crispy leaks and corn with tarragon sauce. Lovely filling, lovely sauce, lovely garnish, but we both agreed the dish would have been even better if the pasta had been thinner.


When’s the last time you had jello for dessert? Just kidding. What you see below is Strawberry Hibiscus Gelee made with fresh strawberries, accompanied by scooped sweetened condensed ice cream, vanilla bean oil and pistachio cream. Pistachio “crumbles” added a subtle “chew”. We’d both recommend this dessert. Light and refreshing.


Another special treat: “buttermilk mousse centered with peach-cherry compote”, topping a thin layer of pecan cake. Generously portioned with torched fresh peach slices and peach-bourbon caramel sauce, it was delicious in every way! Our only regret was not being able to finish it because we were both too full.


There’s a tradition at Gallery of serving a plate of house-made sweets at the end of every meal. I’d assumed that since we’d ordered two desserts, that would be it. Wrong. This sweet little plate came along just before the check. Gallery was very gracious about boxing up the treats so we could enjoy them later at our hotel.


It happened to be Restaurant Week while we were in Charlotte and Gallery was seeing more than their share of diners going for the 3 for $30 deal. As far as we could tell, they were handling the numbers without any decline in their high service standards.

Gallery is in the Ballantyne Hotel, located on the South side of Charlotte. Just outside the restaurant’s doors is a terrace overlooking their Ballantyne’s golf course and grounds where lunch, dinner and cocktails are served.  Attached to the restaurant is a beautiful bar that offers a great selection of whiskeys, bourbons, cognacs and scotches (including high-end) as well as a cigar menu.

Gallery is also know for offering many classes, tastings and other events throughout the year.

Gallery Restauraunt
10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 248-4000

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  1. Thank you for celebrating your anniversary at Gallery Restaurant! Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. We really appreciate your kind comments and have shared them with our team. At Gallery Restaurant, we strive to provide a truly memorable dining experience. We hope to welcome you back soon!

    Restaurant Management

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