Sunday Brunch at The Square Root

    Another restaurant serving Sunday Brunch in Hendersonville is an exciting prospect. PIC and I went to The Square Root, recently opened at 111 S. Main St. this past Sunday.

    Sunday was a warm, beautiful Fall day in the mountains, but blustery wind kept us from dining outside like these three. They didn’t seem to mind their umbrella wagging side to side and leaves blowing by. It made for a colorful scene through the window. See the guy in shorts and a t-shirt across the street? It really was unseasonably warm.

    The Square Root Hendersonville

    This is a second location for The Square Root, the original being in Brevard. They’ve been open almost a month.

    If you’ve been to this location in it’s previous incarnations, you’ll notice few interior changes.

    The Square Root Hendersonville

    They open at 11am for Sunday Brunch, so if you want to take advantage of the ridiculously low-priced Mimosas ($3) or Bloody Mary with house-made mix ($6), you need to wait until noon (liquor laws) to order.

    We enjoyed the music mix while waiting for our Bag of Beignets ($6). It’s served with a small container of Cherry Jubilee Sauce. Note: their online menu prices this dish at $9, but on the in-restaurant menu, it was $6.

    The Square Root Hendersonville

    The Square Root Hendersonville
    Looking into the Bag of Beignets

    Generously portioned, as far as beignets go, coated with a cinnamon sugar mixture and served in an interesting way, we ended up sending them back. Unfortunately they were “doughy” (undercooked) in the middle.

    The good news – our server and the manager bent over backwards, agreeing with us after tasting one of the beignets, apologizing and removing the charge from our bill.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to order a Bag of Beignets again because they seemed to know exactly what had gone wrong and how to correct it.

    PIC ordered The Meat Lover’s Omelet ($9), made with sausage, ham, onions, and Mozzarella cheese. Most brunch dishes are served with Fresh Fruit and a choice of Smoked Gouda Grits or Home Fries. As a little surprise, a half slice of what we both thought was Pumpkin Bread (with chocolate chips), was included on both of our plates.

    There were no complaints coming from PIC’s side of the table. He thought the omelet and all its ingredients had been put together and cooked well.

    The Square Root Hendersonville

    My choice was Eggs Benedict ($9). They’ll serve it made with either ham or asparagus. Crab Cakes or Soft-Shell Crab can be added for $5. The size of the asparagus made me a little nervous, fearing woody stems, but I needn’t have worried. They were cooked perfectly. A little more seasoning and quantity of the Hollandaise Sauce would have been nice. The fruit was indeed fresh but I did wonder where they’d found watermelon, though.

    The Square Root Hendersonville

    Even with the minor glitches, we had a good experience. Good enough to plan a return trip when our three adult children and one fiance are in town for Christmas.

    See all menus (same at both locations) here.

    The Square Root
    111 South Main Street
    Hendersonville, NC 28792
    (828) 693-7758


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