Makin’ Bacon at Motor Supply Co

“You live in Asheville and you came HERE?” Darn Tootin’! Columbia, SC has wonderful culinary offerings. And there’s a renaissance going on, especially in the Vista District overlooking the Congaree River.

PIC and I took a trip down to Columbia (South Carolina’s Capital) to check it out, and specifically to attend a Make Your Own Bacon workshop at Motor Supply Company.

Motor Supply Owner Eddie Wales and Executive Chef Tim Peters have built a well deserved reputation for fantastic scratch-made food as well as house-made Charcuterie.

Affectionately known as the Bacon Rumpus, the $60 fee included a pound of Caw Caw Creek Pastured Pork Belly, “product of Southern Foodways Alliance member Emile DeFelice’s happy, acorn fed pigs”, an open bar for the evening, Motor Supply Charcuterie, and a selection of Two Brothers beef jerky. Read the interesting Two Brothers story at article end.

Motor Supply Co

Motor Supply Co

With belly in bag, we  perused 20 different seasonings from shallots to cinnamon to cayenne to bourbon. We could create “dry” or “wet” rub concoctions.

Motor Supply Co

Returning to long tables of fellow baconeers, we patted and rubbed.

Motor Supply Co

Motor Supply Co
Fun for couples – twice the bacon for Lynda Lee and Geoff Clemens

We chose to leave our bacon with Chef Tim so it could cure for two weeks before being smoked at Motor City. You can take your bacon home with you to cure in your own fridge and cook it yourself, if you like.

Photographer Forrest Clonts was on hand, documenting the fun:


Want to make your own bacon? Motor Supply is planning another Making Bacon workshop in the Spring. Details will be posted on their very likable Facebook Page.

Fun fact about Two Brothers Tasty Jerky:

Motor Supply Co

Did you know that the super nice owner of Motor Supply, Eddie Wales, has a long-lost brother? He didn’t either, until a couple of years ago, when he found his brother living in Durham, NC. They put their heads together and ended up co-founding an artisan food product, Two Brothers Jerky. It’s made in-house at Motor Supply and comes in two flavors, Bull City Original and Famously Hot. $9 per bag but you can sample it to your heart’s content at the part-ay. You can only get it in three places: at Motor Supply, day and night, Tues-Sun; at the Soda City market on Main St. until Xmas; and at Crafty Feast at the Cola Metro Convention Center on Sat., Dec. 15, 11a-6pm. Their Facebook page is really quite likeable:

Motor Supply Company
920 Gervais St
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 256-6687

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Disclosure: We were comped for this event.