Kerbey Lane Cafe (Allandale)

This is the original Kirbey Lane Cafe, now one of five Austin locations. Although they serve 24 hours a day – that’s right – 24 hours a day, this is one of my favorite spots for breakfast. Pancakes are as big as your plate, so order wisely.

I had the amazing Maple Ginger Granola $5.99. This homemade vegan granola was a mix of very fresh pecans, almonds, crystallized ginger, maple syrup and raisins. It’s topped with fresh fruit (strawberries this day) and your choice of milk or Greek yogurt. I had the yogurt.

Thank goodness my dining companions were willing to share their killer Pumpkin Pancakes! The Short Stack goes for $4.49. Full Stack $5.39. Add a side of bacon for $2.29 or all-natural sausage patties or grilled ham steak for $3.19.

Their Breakfast Platter with two eggs, two half size (don’t let “half size” fool you) pancakes and choice of seasonal fruit or two slices of bacon goes for $5.59.

Kerbey Lane Cafe
3704 Kerbey Lane
Austin, TX 78731