Sunday Brunch at Stoney Knob Cafe

This past Sunday was bright, sunny, and chilly. Great day for a meandering drive on back roads just outside Asheville. Weaverville’s Stoney Knob Cafe was a perfect stop for Brunch.

Stoney Knob Cafe

Eclectic is an understatement here. Large medallions, architectural pieces and a guitar on the ceiling, Andy Whorhol-esc poster and elephant head sculpture on the wall, a couple of fireplaces, Greek busts, a mix of colors – you get the idea. For more photos and descriptions of the three distinct dining areas at the Knob, click here.

Stoney Knob Cafe

Classic as well as a few “notched up” breakfast and lunch dishes are on the menu.

PIC went classic with The Stoney Knob ($10) omelet. Made with a choice of bacon, sausage or ham, he chose sausage. Cheddar cheese and potatoes are also in the omelet. Served with your choice of side, PIC was concerned there would be too many potatoes for one meal adding home fries as his side, but it was fine. The omelet wasn’t overloaded with them. Cooked to “just right”, it was also pretty filling.

Stoney Knob Cafe

I went a little “notched up” with Stuffed French Toast ($11). Described on the menu as “Two slices of Texas Toast stuffed with Orange-Cream Cheese topped with Blackberry Sauce & Honey Cream with a choice of Bacon or Sausage, it was slightly different than I imagined. I’ve only been surprised by stuffed french toast one other time, at Morning Glory Cafe, where it’s made in a casserole dish. Square servings are cut out and served as a “block” of french toast. Always tasty.

Back to Stoney Knob’s version. A layer of Orange-Cream Cheese was softening, oozing slowly from between the hot slices. And as the description says, it was indeed topped with Blackberry Sauce & Honey Cream. It was delicious, but verged on too much deliciousness. I felt like I was having a huge, very extra sweet dessert for brunch. I’d order it again, but not very often. Maybe the Stoney Knob Benny, made with crab cakes, next time?

Stoney Knob Cafe

Epicurean Notes:

  • Water (not sure about other cold drinks) is served in metal “glasses”. I have mixed feeling about this. Yes, it keeps the water inside really cold, but it also does that to my hands on the outside.

Stoney Knob Cafe

  • Be sure to take a look at all three seating areas if you can. The Diner is in the middle, where we sat. The Red Room is cozy with a beautiful tiled fireplace and comfy seating. The Mediterranean Room has a fireplace and a more open feel. See photos of all three rooms here.

I’m looking forward to going back for dinner. The menu looks interesting and is reasonably priced.

Want more? Read this April, 2012 article on the Asheville Foodie Blog.


Stoney Knob Cafe
337 Merrimon Ave
Weaverville, NC 28787
(828) 645-3309

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  1. You forgot one epic stuffed french toast fail. IHOP’s. It was just a damn filled donut! haha And I agree, a casserole is hardly “stuffed”. but, probably still tasty.

    Anyway, this pic is the way I’ve always had stuffed french toast, but w/o the fruit on top. Just regular syrup (which you almost don’t need as you pointed out). The one i like uses Portuguese sweet bread (same as Hawaiian bread) instead of Texas toast and I prefer it but it might be too sweet for you. Was this one grilled with the traditional egg batter? The ones I’ve had are stuffed first, dipped in the egg batter and then grilled. sort of holds it together.

    Haven’t been to Stoney Knob in forever and never for brunch, always dinner. Long way to go for brunch, but looks good! Closer than Joey’s though, I suppose! LOL

    • I TOTALLY agree with you on IHOP’s EPIC FAIL stuffed French Toast. Yuck!!! I’m not against IHOP, just that disgusting FT.

      My fav way to do stuffed French Toast is to take a thick slice of French Bread, split it, and stuff it. Dip in egg mixture with milk, vanilla and cinnamon. Serve with a melted fruit jam or syrup.

      It was the stuffing plus sauce made with honey that was almost too much for me. Not the bread. I’ve had lots of different breads used for FT and they were all good.

      The first time I got the stuffed FT at Morning Glory (Black Mountain), I was taken aback a little. Tried it and I’m a convert! Love it!! Here’s a picture:

      • Mmmm, that does look good! Looks like bread pudding vs. french toast, but delicious all the same! LOL The way you describe what you make sounds the same as what I’m used to, just one split piece vs. two made into a sandwich. Both would be good. 🙂 And ya, the sauce on SK’s FT does sound sweet. Like I said, you almost don’t need maple syrup on it, but it is at least less sweet than most toppings.

        btw, I’ve been using my bottle of boiled cider syrup (from King Arthur) mixed with regular maple syrup on my “stuff with syrup” on the weekends and YUM! So good – strong apply flavor. I bought it for the apple whoopie pies, but this is an excellent use for it!

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