Shameless Plug: Business Cards & Graphic Design

It was time for a more professional business card. I’d been putting it off forever, struggling to find a reasonably priced, yet talented graphic designer, as well as reasonably priced printer.

Enter RelyLocal Hendersonville. Their IMAGEWeRKS page popped up during one of my many searches. The rest is history.

Manon Houle, IMAGEWeRKS designer, worked her magic quickly and efficiently. If you’ve worked on a design project, you know that most designers will work up one to three designs and allow two revisions of whatever you’ve chosen.

Not the case with Manon. She worked with me, at no additional charge, until I loved it.

They are printed on heavy stock, glossy finish on both sides, and were delivered to my home address.

Business Cards
L – Front, R – Back

I’m not going to tell you what my cards cost, just in case something changes. But rest assured, this is the LOWEST price you will find anywhere. Online, local, wherever.

Currently on RelyLocal Hendersonville’s page there are coupons good for: 25 for $100 and 1,000 for $59! Rounded corners add $10.

Disclosure: I know Judy, owner of RelyLocal Hendersonville, but she had no idea I was going through her site. Manon (IMAGEW’eRKS) did not ask for this “plug”. I was so happy with her work and pricing, I offered. Plus my readers will benefit.

2270 Hendersonville Rd
Arden, NC 28704


  1. I have always been very happy with any design work or business cards Manon of IMAGEWERKS has done for me. She is fast, thorough, & very experienced in all aspects of graphic work!

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