Breakfast with Dave at Causeway Cafe

No, Dave Monaghan didn’t actually sit down with us for breakfast today, but he was omnipresent – workin’ his Causeway Cafe dining room. A Wrightsville Beach landmark for over twenty years, it’s THE breakfast spot.

Causeway Cafe

I had a Specialty Malted Waffle ($5.79). You can order a basic waffle, but specialty waffles come with choice of one of thirteen toppings. You can ask for more toppings at $1 each. Sad at the thought of the pecans I chose being sprinkled on top, I was happy to see they were actually mixed in to the batter. Much better. And I took a pass on the included whipped cream.

Causeway Cafe

PIC had Causeway’s version of a Western Omelette ($6.99). Made with three eggs, it came with choice of home fries or grits and toast or biscuit.

Causeway Cafe

And was chock full of sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and Cheddar cheese.

Causeway Cafe

Dave stepped outside with us afterwards to chat a bit about the Cafe and his food.

Causeway Cafe

When our server told us the biscuits were scratch-made, I was skeptical. Not because of taste, but Causeway just doesn’t seem like the kind of spot that takes the time to make scratch biscuits. As it turns out, they are scratch-made locally and delivered fresh daily.

Dave went on to tell me about their waffles and pancakes all being made with the same malt. Their batter isn’t completely from scratch, but they doctor it up to a distinctive point that, try as they may, others in the area haven’t been able to duplicate.

We used to add blueberries, but they kept exploding (when people cut into them). So no more blueberries ~ Dave Monaghan

I mentioned how happy I’d been with the packets of Orange Marmalade on our table and how many places have opted for just basic strawberry jam and grape jelly. He nodded and said, “I’ve never wanted to give up that Orange Marmalade, and we also keep a jar of Apple Cinnamon Jelly” in the back for customers that ask for it, too.


Parking at Causeway is a choice between street and lot. I’d go with the street because the lot is angled-head-in with no way out the back. I managed to turn around because there were a couple empty spots near by, but observed many people backing all the way out of the lot, on to the street.

Causeway Cafe

Epicurean Notes:

  • There’s frequently a long wait on weekends. Free coffee is served on the porch while you wait, or you can leave your cell number and go for a walk.
  • Causeway Cafe’s chef arrives at 2am to prep every day.
  • Syrup bottle on our table was clean and NOT sticky. Hate it when I reach to pour some syrup and my hand sticks to the bottle.
  • View from the Cafe takes in the Causeway drawbridge
Causeway Cafe
Picture taken from our table, through the window

Put simply, this is a great traditional neighborhood breakfast and lunch spot that’s about people; those that work there and those that go for a meal.

See menus, shots of popular Causeway Cafe dishes, and a couple interior shots here.


Causeway Cafe
114 Causeway Dr
Wrightsville Bch, NC 28480
(910) 256-3730

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