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Sweet Tooth shot me an email which began, “Have you heard of this place, Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso?” No, I hadn’t. Where is it, and when are we going?

Yesterday was the day.

BRB’s driveway, easily visible from Brevard Rd./Hwy 191, is to the side of their new Drive Through “kiosk” (doesn’t feel right to call it a shed or shack). It’s outfitted, and should be open soon.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

The driveway will first take you past this view of their adorable stone cottage, then right into a roomy parking lot.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

Enter through the door on the right-hand side of the lovely porch (umbrellas coming soon). You’ll see the “Open” or “Closed” sign right next to the door. I’m really looking forward to sipping coffee with friends out there. 

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

Coziness abounds inside with wood paneling, pleasant colors, and comfortable seating in five different rooms (including the front where you order). Some form of “bear” reference has been worked into most (if not all) menu items. Order and pay at the counter.

You’ll see a section set up for many flavors of frozen yogurt. As with just about all construction and new business start-ups, they’re waiting on the electrician to finish hooking it up. Should be wonderful enjoyed on the deck in warmer months.

When I asked how they had come up with the name, Blue Ridge Bear, the answer surprised me – but made sense. “It’s because we wanted to have a name that reflected cozy and comforting. Everyone likes bears. They’re cute and can be cuddled for comfort.”**

**Think Teddy Bear.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

We met three beautiful women at BRB: co-owner (with husband Robbie), Janet, her sister, Betsy and their Mom, Yoli (not pictured). By “beautiful”, I mean inside and out. My guess is Robbie’s just as beautiful as Janet, Betsy and Yoli. We spent quite a while talking with Janet about her background, recipes, and the story behind BRB. To share just a snippet – she worked three jobs, early morning (very) to late into the night (very), to put herself through college.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso
Co-owner Janet (left) and sister Betsy (right)

Open just about a month, Janet is still trying out different savory and sweet recipes, including recently added “quiche of the day”. She also responds to requests such as, “could you make this cupcake healthier?”. BRB now offers a Gluten Free-Sugar Free (Stevia) Chocolate treat that is somewhere between a brownie and a cupcake.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

After you order, choose your room. There’s the “Art Room” with originals painted by a local artist. Pictured below is Papa Bear. All rooms – Art, Patriot, French Lavender, Private Meeting, and Children’s Play Area – are pictured in the end-of-post slideshow.

A nice touch in the French Lavender room are two containers of bird seed perched outside the window. Get there in the morning to enjoy lots of bird-action.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

We both tried the Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche. And we both felt it was one of the best around. Lusciously creamy filling with crisp broccoli and nice crust. Really good.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

We also both got a Guinness Cupcake topped with scratch house-made frosting you will love.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

Sweet Tooth also tried a Bearkfast Muffin (see what I mean?) filled with mushrooms, egg and Mozzarella  It was more like a crust similar to croissant dough put into a muffin pan, filled and then baked. It ended up being a great mix of savory with just a hint of sweet in the crust. I’m getting one of these next time. Didn’t get a good photo, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

This is the view from our table in the “Patriot Room”:

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso

Oh! Almost forgot. Lattes are excellent at Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt and Espresso. If you’re thinking about ordering an iced latte, BRB uses frozen coffee cubes so your drink will not dilute as they melt.

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Epicurean Notes:

  • A few sandwiches are about to be added to the menu. They’ll be “salad” sandwiches like Tuna, Egg, etc., due to health code regulations.
  • There’s a cute children’s play area tucked between the Patriot and Frendh Lavender rooms.
  • Free Wi-Fi – ask for the password
  • No website (yet). Facebook and Twitter are their only online presence to date.

Blue Ridge Bear Yogurt & Espresso          Facebook
1854 Brevard Rd
Arden, NC 28704
(253) 389-1466

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