Stone Soup – Well Seasoned

Stone Soup, located just off I26 in Landrum, SC is an exceptionally sa-weet spot for lunch or dinner. There are a few different dining areas inside and on your way in, you’ll see lovely outside seating – perfect in nice weather. 

Stone Soup

Neither Sweet Tooth or I had ever been, so we headed South for lunch.

This room is to the right just inside the front door. In the evenings, it may serve as bar overflow as there are only a few stools at the actual bar (see next photo).

Stone Soup

Heading straight through the above room will take you into a cozy bar area.

Stone Soup

Two or three distinct dining areas are just a few steps up from the bar. The hostess led us to the room below, tucked away toward the back.

Oh, by the way, Stone Soup reflects the “horsey-ness” of Landrum and environs. Walls are covered in tributes to the equine and a few other animals near and dear to the owners. Photos of events, ribbon ceremonies, and friends on their horses are at every turn in a homey kind of way.

Stone Soup

Fresh flower bouquets shouted welcome from every table. I loved how the vases said “real” by sweating. Do you ever feel duped like I do when you lean over to take a closer look at restaurant flowers and they’re in some kind of fake solid water? These smelled fresh and sweet.

Stone Soup

I started my lunch with Soup of the Day (cup/$3.49) in a tin enameled cup. Can’t find my notes (Artichoke soup?), but it was nice and hot. Smooth and mild, depth of flavor was missing.

Stone Soup

NOT shy on flavor was this fabulous Shrimp, Corn, Black Bean, Salsa Salad ($11.99). Tomatoes, avocado, Feta cheese, and lettuce were also in the mix served with Cilantro Lime Dressing on the side. Favors and textures absolutely popped with each bite of this fun, colorful dish. Tails on the shrimp are some times a problem, but not this time. 

Stone Soup

My Nutty Chicken Salad ($10.99) was a delight consisting of mixed greens, chicken, a variety of dried fruit, toasted Almonds & walnuts, apples pieces, grape halves, and Feta Cheese. Balsamic Dressing came on the side. Another wow! Wow! Happy camper here (reference to enameled service pieces). Pretty to look at and even better to consume.

Stone Soup

Both salads were made with fresh-tasting ingredients and generously portioned.

We were both so impressed with Stone Soup, we talked about dinner with our husbands next time.

If you live in North Carolina and go to Stone Soup (which you should), leave plenty of room in your gas tank as prices there can be as much as .20 cents per gallon less (SC taxes vs NC taxes) at the Ingles Market also just off I26.

Epicurean Note: A Google Search for Stone Soup Landrum comes up with their website, but there’s a warning there that the sit may have been compromised. I think it’s safe to view, the warning is more to alert the webmaster that the site may have been hacked? Just in case, I haven’t linked to it.

Although their Facebook Page doesn’t have contact information posted, it’s good to follow for updates.

Stone Soup Cafe          Facebook
1522 E Rutherford St
Landrum, SC 29356
(864) 457-5255

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