Ambrozia – Food for the Gods

From Nancy and her dining-out crew ~


Ambrozia last night – amazingly good.

Here’s a quick run down ~

  • Peanuts fried in duck fat – good snack, needed salt.
  • Lobster corn dog – really good. Served with Lusty Monk [mustard] or ketchup for dipping.
  • Popovers with pimento cheese – really really good. Hot popovers split and stuffed with the cheese. Reminded me of the pimento hush puppies at Seven Sows.
  • Burger – it was on special, $12 – topped with one of the best fried green tomatoes I’ve ever tasted and more of that pimento cheese. Six or seven at the table got this and all loved it. Burger cooked to temp – very nice.
  • Snapper – it was on special too, $22 – the guy visiting from Florida got it and loved it.
  • Seafood Diablo – Jeanne ALWAYS orders anything that sounds like fish stew so I consider her an expert. She loved this.
  • Pork Skirt Steak – I’m seeing a lot more of this at various restaurants ~ Curate, Cucina 24 and somebody else I can’t remember. Curate started off calling it secreto ( but now it’s called skirt steak on their menu – maybe it confused people or just didn’t sell – like the doughnut “bread pudding” at Chestnut that was renamed “cake”. Anyway – it was delicious, but one plate came out too cold. I think this was the only bump in the evening. Also – the gigante beans were delicious.
  • Mushrooom & collard enchilado – I got this and it was quite good, but I’d go for meat next time.
  • Short rib – OMG, small plate, but plenty for a meal if you also got a salad. Yummy!

Only one person didn’t like what she ordered – Pancetta wrapped shrimp w/ grits. Her husband said it was good, but I think it had too many grits for her. It was NOT like low country shrimp & grits and that was what she expected.

  • Noise is a serious issue. Place is tiny and every single surface is hard. They’re aware of the problem but don’t have an immediate solution.
  • Service was excellent – two servers, Natalie & LeeAnn did a great job, no screw up with dishes or checks.

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1020 Merrimon Avenue
Asheville, NC 28804