Pho Ya Belly

A break in the rain here in Asheville yesterday meant it was time to get out and find a food truck!

There were three trucks parked in the Coxe Ave lot, Flying Falafel Brothers, Pho Ya Belly, and Melt Your Heart.

For some reason, Vietnamese (Pho Ya Belly) spoke to all of us.. Don’t feel bad for the other trucks. We came back later and picked up a grilled cheese wonder from Melt Your Heart, and I have plans to go back to see the Brothers.

Pho Ya Belly

Pho’s menu board for the day. Not too many options, but a nice mix.

Pho Ya Belly

According to the friend wo got a Pork Banh Mi (Hoagie) for $6.50 it was delicious. No skimping on the pork, either.

Pho Ya Belly

My other friend and I both got Pork Cold Noodle Salads for $7.50. A generous portion of rice noodles were topped with peanuts, chilis, shallots, various herbs, and sprouts. Everything had been tossed in scallion oil and fish sauce dressing, That dressing tasted better than it sounds.

This salad felt like a light meal on a hot day, but was surprisingly filling.

Pho Ya Belly

I wanted to try Pho’s original style pork with shrimp Spring Rolls (2 for $4.50). They were pretty to look at and pretty tasty, too. From choice of sauces, I chose a sweeter peanut sauce.

Now, I’m going to tell you how one of my friends described these rolls. If you’re of a delicate persuasion, skip this and go to the next paragraph. She said, they looked like rice, veggies, pork and shrimp stuffed into a condom. She was right, but they were good anyway!

Pho Ya Belly

Epicurean Notes:

  • There are no rest rooms or seats in the Coxe lot. There is a low concrete wall at the edge of the lot, which is in the shade around lunch time. It’s fine if you don’t mind sitting low and hard. We had folding chairs in our cars, but didn’t end up using them. It was easier to sit the wall.
  • There are a limited number of trucks that can park in the Coxe Ave. lot at any given time. They cycle through, so you may find different trucks there when you go.
  • For a listing of some of Asheville’s food trucks and carts, click here.
  • Another listing page that tracks the trucks so you know where to find them.

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  1. I was very impressed with the quality of all the food trucks. My husband deemed his bbq pork grilled cheese from Melt Your Heart (with a side of chipotle slaw) as GREAT. He loved it!

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