Nightbell (speakeasy) Asheville Opening Announced

The night scene of Asheville is about to be electrified by a bar unlike anything the city has ever seen before. From the owners of Cúrate, one of Asheville’s most beloved and acclaimed restaurants, comes Nightbell, a contemporary bar of unrivaled sophistication designed to excite, invigorate and satiate in ways the city has never experienced before.


Harkening back to the days when speakeasies promised a night of unexpected mystery, the adventure at Nightbell begins right at the vintage entrance where signage is minimal, atmosphere is paramount and an extraordinary experience is guaranteed. Shelves displaying coveted objects that are not for sale but elicit envy and heighten the intrigue surround a bouncer who beckons guests through the gated entrance to a staircase leading to a modern wonderland adorned in rich hues.

Turquoise chandeliers overhanging the main bar set the stage for a commanding bar stocked with premium liquor available nowhere else in Asheville. It makes sense that the drinks of Nightbell set a new standard in a community celebrated for its beer and spirits culture considering the cocktail list is designed by elBulli alumni Felix Meana, who not only worked the front of the house at a restaurant ranked number one in the world for five consecutive years but also crafted an award winning wine and cocktail list at Cúrate. At Nightbell, Felix transfers all the whimsy and jeau de vivre that his inaugural Asheville restaurant is celebrated for into a refined level of sophistication.

Considering that Nightbell is an Heirloom Hospitality Group establishment, a family owned and operated restaurant team renowned for not only its exceptional hospitality but sublime cuisine, it would not be complete without an unparalleled menu curated by Chef Katie Button. Through innovative twists on beloved Spanish classics, Katie has set a new standard in dining in Asheville at the always jam packed Cúrate. At Nightbell she takes her cuisine to new creative levels by infusing it with experience gleaned in the kitchens of renowned chefs Ferran and Albert Adria, Jose Andres, and Rene Redzepi and nurtured in her own restaurant kitchen in the heart of downtown Asheville. It’s not just the endless roster of return customers signifying Cúrate’s position as a city hot spot; the press is noticing too. Katie has been hailed as one of America’s most exciting new chefs in countless national publications including Food & Wine Magazine, Food Arts, GQ, and the Robb Report where she was the Culinary Masters competition winner.

At Nightbell, Katie’s American inspired menu will feature bar snacks and finger food prepared in a way that is designed to spark imagination and inspire whimsy through new spins on revered classics like lobster rolls tucked into velvety steam buns, duck and waffles, a twist on angels on horseback with oysters and smoked pancetta foam, cheesecake with cranberry gelee, molten peanut butter pie with tangerine sorbet. Nightbell is the place where guests will come to enjoy appetizers and a cocktail before venturing off for dinner in one of Asheville’s acclaimed restaurants and return for dessert, more cocktails, and of course, music!

The music at Nightbell starts the moment the doors open and extends long into the night, beginning with sounds to set the mood and culminating in DJ sessions that beg for dancing. In the experienced hands of Felix’s brother Cesar who moved to Asheville just to spin at Nightbell and honed his skills spinning after hours for the staff of elBulli in Meana’s hometown of Roses, Spain, the scene at Nightbell is sure to solidify its place as the city’s preeminent after hours gathering spot.

And why wouldn’t it be? Nightbell has it all; a cocktail list rivaling the best bars in Asheville, a blowout menu from one of the nation’s most celebrated new chefs, an interior that entices guests to linger long into the twilight hours, and the extraordinary hospitality that Heirloom Hospitality Group is renowned for, transforming Cúrate into one of Asheville’s most venerated restaurants.

The doors open at Nightbell in December 2013 and are sure to remain open for many years to come once locals and visitors alike discover that there’s a bar to not only quench their thirst and sate their appetites but invigorate their imaginations too.

Nightbell is a mischievous and provocative muse whose presence will be felt when the beat of the music becomes a little faster and the room is saturated in color. This vixen will be located at 32 South Lexington Avenue, Asheville, NC. Nightbell will be open Wednesday – Sunday, 5:00 pm until 2:00 am.

Heirloom Hospitality Group founded by award-winning chef Katie Button, her husband Felix Meana, creative director for beverage programs and excellence in dining service, her mother Elizabeth Button, general operations director and her father Ted Button, financial director. This creative team is behind the award-winning restaurant Cúrate Bar de Tapas in Asheville, NC. Since its inception in 2008, the family owned business immediately set out to develop a strong philanthropic and ethical commitment by serving its community with involvement in such programs as, Michelle Obama’s “Chefs Move to Schools,” ASAP’s Growing Minds program, supporting local farmers, achieving certification as a 3-star Green Restaurant, increasing wages for all hourly employees as a Living Wage employer, organizing restaurants to help feed the guests at Haywood Street Downtown Congregation’s “Welcome Table,” forming a scholarship for culinary students at AB Tech, working to creatively make donations to food-based initiatives such as Manna Foodbank. This dynamic company continually reviews new opportunities for contributing within the community, putting down strong roots as they continue to grow.

From Heirloom Hospitality Group