Strada – not what I expected

What I expected at Anthony Cerrato’s Strada Italiano and what I got were two different things.

Using My Words

PIC and I decided to celebrate our July anniversary at Strada. We hadn’t been since they remodeled and opened at 27 Broadway, a space previously occupied by a quick succession of restaurants.

Maybe we could get a table off to the side where we could have a quiet conversation over Italian comfort food. No camera. No notes. No review (I thought).

My expectations went out the window as soon as we walked in the door. Strada was slammed. Not only that, there didn’t seem to be any tables off to the side of anything.

We were seated in the “loft” area upstairs. FYI, it can be just a tad warm up there. Not enough to negatively affect your meal, but if it matters, request a seat on the main floor.

No matter where we’d been seated, the reality that is Strada would have been the same.

Expectations vs Realty

Rather than a quiet, darkish eatery where hushed words are spoken, Strada is the neighborhood Italian place many of us grew up with. Fun. Boisterous at times. Home-style Italian made and shared with love.

We had a great time celebrating our anniversary at Strada. Thanks Anthony and staff.

Mangia Asheville! Mangia!

Strada Italiano
27 Broadway
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 348-8448

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