How ’bout them apples!

And pumpkin patch, corn maze, country store, bakery, farm animals, and cow train!

You’ll know your at Grandad’s Apples when you see the tractor-topped silo.

Grandad's Apples

and trademark barn at 2951 Chimney Rock Rd, northeast of downtown Hendersonville, NC.

Grandad's Apples

We stopped in recently for some apples and a couple bakery treats for the road. I picked up a warm apple turnover for myself and an apple dumpling (whole spiced apple surrounded by pastry crust and baked) to bring home for PIC.

Grandad's Apples

Grandad's Apples
Right out of the oven

Okay, so the treats didn’t make it to the road. They made it as far as the shaded rockers out front. PIC’s made it safely home, though.

Grandad's Apples
Jams, bakery items, sundries

Grandad’s carries quite a few different apple varieties according to season. Here’s what’s up next:

  • Cameo – Late Sept.
  • Red Rome –  Late Sept.
  • Stayman – Late Sept.
  • Winesap – Late Sept.
  • Granny Smith – Early Oct.
  • Candy Crisp – Early Oct.
  • Arkansas Black – Mid Oct.
  • Braeburn – Mid Oct.
  • Pink Lady – Mid Oct.
  • Gold Rush – Mid Oct.
Grandad's Apples
Lots of apple varieties

They’re getting ready for Fall. Soon the pumpkin patch will be set up out front.

Grandad's Apples

And the corn maze will be ready.

Grandad's Apples

Samples courtesy of apple peeler/slicers. You can pick up one of these cool gadgets for yourself in their country store.

Grandad's Apples

Grandad’s isn’t just a great place to buy apples right from the orchard. It’s a great place to spend time exploring with the family. There are plenty of photo ops with cute animals and put-your-face-through-the-hole picture boards.

Grandad’s Apples          Facebook Page
2951 Chimney Rock Rd
Hendersonville, NC 28792
(828) 685-1685