Julie Busha takes Slawsa into Shark Tank

Just a quick heads-up for all you entrepreneurs and Carolina-centric folks. The owner Slawsa (made in the south, but processed in NC) will be taking her product onto the ABC show, Shark Tank. Good luck, Julie! Hope you win a huge investment in Slawsa, a product I love.


From Julie:

“On Friday, November 15th, I have the opportunity to gain national exposure for Slawsa on ABC’s Shark Tank. To be of the 100 who will air from over 35K applicants is truly a thrill of a lifetime.

We will announce that November 15th will be deemed “National Slawsa Day.” We are urging all of our fans, new and old, to grill out with their families at dinner, with Slawsa of course, then turn on the television and join both us and the Sharks in the “live tweet” during the episode. Can you believe it, all of the Sharks live tweet during each episode.”

Twitter handles are:

mine: @julesbusha
Slawsa: @slawsa
Shark Mark Cuban: @mcuban
Shark Daymond John: @thesharkdaymond
Shark Kevin O’Leary: @kevinolearytv
Shark Lori Greiner: @lorigreiner
Shark Robert Herjavec: @robertherjavec

If you or your followers would like to participate, don’t forget to hashtag #sharktank #slawsa