Rediscover Limones!

Tucked away at 13 Eagle Street, just off Biltmore Ave – home to many of the newest, hottest restaurants in Asheville – Limones is doing better than fine with little recent media coverage.

Outside, Limones is deceptively nondescript and competes with a telephone pole and fire extinguisher.


Inside, it’s another story.

There are quite a few similar “spaces” in Asheville – long, narrow, rectangular. What various restaurateurs do with them makes such a difference. Some are sterile and boring. Some, like Limones, take on a life of their own. I was struck by how friendly and warm it felt, with animated conversations, good food & drink flowing all around.


To say Limones is a Mexican restaurant is misleading. Mexico City and central Mexico cuisine are quite different from what most think of as Mexican food: Tex-Mex or Cal-Mex. Chef-Owner Hugo Ramirez combines flavors from his Mexico City childhood with French-influenced California flavors mastered during his earlier career.

PIC’s Seafood Risotto at ($26) seemed high. After tasting this generous mix of risotto, lobster, crab, NC shrimp, fava beans, and fennel in a bouillabaisse broth, topped with cucumber relish, I’d say it’s worth every penny! This has got to be one of the best executions of risotto I’ve ever tasted. Seriously delicious. The kind of delicious that causes you to stop and think about what it is you’re tasting after taking a bite.


My choice was Seared Sea Scallops ($26). Four of the largest scallops I’ve ever seen had been seared using head-shaking-in-disbelief delicious seasonings. I was told that sometimes this dish comes with five scallops if size warrants. Each scallop had been delicately placed on top of a Iberico Ham, fava beans, cubed Butternut Squash, beurre rouge, cermoula, and topped with micro greens.

Although each of these scallops equaled four or five bites, they were so large, and the mix beneath was excellent, long-time Epicurean reader, Mitchell, pointed out that a Scallop Salad is sometimes on Limones’ Brunch Menu for “something like $14″. See his picture here.


Tres Leches Cake, a light cake layered with peaches, pecans, mango-chile sauce was the perfect shared dessert.




13 Eagle St
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-2327

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