Pound Cake French Toast Muffins (with Chocolate)

My 4-year-old Sous Chef had spent the night and when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast, she declared, “French Toast”!

I knew I had some leftover pound cake from one of my cake classes, denuded of its frosting, hiding in the back of the refrigerator for just such an occasion.

Pound Cake French Toast
Image: sagetrifle.blogspot.com

Little Sousie is getting quite good at her cooking skills. She stands on a chair at the kitchen counter. She cracked 6 eggs and only got one bit of shell in egg #1. I gave her a cutting board and a butter knife to cube a few pieces of pound cake and she did a fine job while I worked on another board making the remainder of the cake cubes.

I measured the milk (carton is still heavy for her) and she poured from the cup into the bowl with the eggs. Then she whisked to blend. I handed her a half bag of chocolate chips and suggested she add as many as she wanted. She made herself a little pile of chips on her cutting board to sample and dumped the rest into the egg mixture. Read More & Get Recipe

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