Summer in Oulu

Oulu, Finland is a little off the normal tourist route, which was nice for us.

Our daughter was just finishing up her sophomore year as a foreign exchange student at the University of Oulu. We thought we’d visit while she was still in town to show us around.

Being about 100 miles south of the arctic circle, you’d expect we’d need our cold weather clothes, even in May. Wrong. Temps were in the low to mid 70s and we were sweating as we got around by foot every day.

Fins came out in droves to enjoy the weather, too. One day we actually went to a swimming beach. I wasn’t as brave as our daughter and her friends. They went in to water that had been frozen solid just about one week before!

What we loved about Oulu was the opportunity to get a glance into day to day life of Fins in a city that wasn’t  a tourist destination.