The Roman Baths

When in Rome, er . . . when in Bath, go see the Roman Baths.

If you’re thinking of going, The Roman Baths website has all the information you’ll need as well as lots of photos and information about what you’ll be able to see.

I hadn’t realized how huge the place was, with multiple rooms, large and small bath areas, saunas, etc.

A bather “of the day” was projected on the wall of one of the baths (see Gallery). That’s his towel hanging next to him. I swear, he looked right at us! A nice touch.

I was also amazed at the engineering involved in building and operating the baths when they were in use. Amazing.

Question: why do people always feel compelled to throw coins into pools of water? Guess it’s always fun to throw things, and if you make a wish, who knows.

The only negative during our visit was the number of people touring the Baths, including school groups. It was actually hard to move around in some of the smaller rooms of displayed artifacts.

Admission Charges here.

The Roman Baths
Abbey Church Yard
Bath, BA1 1LZ
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