Breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe, Asheville

Having to run errands in Asheville is always a good excuse for breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe. We love going during the week when  there’s rarely a wait and our order comes out fast. Today was no exception.

Biscuits and jam appeared on the table as we waited for our order – huge and flaky.

Their plate-sized Sweet Potato Pancake was as delicious as ever. It’s a “buttermilk pancake flavored with cinnamon and sweet potatoes, topped with whipped peach butter and spiced pecans” for $5.95. I added Maple Granola for” crunchy pancakes” (+ $1.19).

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Take a closer look at this beauty:

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Locals, winter months are perfect for taking advantage of Tupelo’s vintage look and warm, cozy space inside.