Crystal clear, hand-carved Ice in your cocktail?

The conversation centered on spherical vs square. Five of us had various sized ice cubes in our drinks.

“A sphere will melt more slowly than a square. The square has more surface area at each corner”

“Well, if the corners all melt off the square, it’ll become a sphere and melting will slow down, right?” That was a joke, but it made them think for a second.

The next day, I was flipping through the May, 2014 Food & Wine issue and low and behold, an entire page dedicated to ice cube shapes in cocktails! They included:

  • “The Spear” – For any drink served in a highball glass with soda, like a Tom Collins or a Dark and Stormy.
  • “Single Shaking Cube” – For shaken drinks like daiguiris or gimlets.
  • “The Sphere” – For any boozy drink, like an old-fashioned, or any spirit typically served on the rocks, like whiskey.
  • Tapered Cube” – For drinks made in the glass; the cube melts slowly, so it won’t water down the cocktail.

So it’s the Tapered Cube that melts the slowest!

Hundredweight Ice is the company referenced in the piece (not really an article). It was co-founded by a Long Island City bar owner. Take a look at the photo gallery to see various ice shapes.