Hendersonville Restaurant Updates

Two major Main Street Hendersonville, NC updates for you today:

  • Jongo Java, 117 S Main St., has officially changed hands. New owners, Tim Culberson and Paul Schiro, have pledged to continue the vision of original owners, Daniel Smith and Alli Janner. Jongo Java’s loyal customer base has been reassured that things will pretty much stay the same, with just a few future tweaks possible.
Jongo Java
L-R: Paul Schiro, Tim Culberson, Daniel Smith, and Alli Janner
Image: Facebook/JongoJava

From original owners, Dan and Alli:

Thank you….we have faithfully, passed the torch to two guys that will continue to keep the vision of Community, Creativity and Coffee alive and well at JONGO. Thank you Tim and Paul for your willingness to spread the love…..YAY! Tiff,Gina and David are all still on board so, come on by and meet Tim and Paul if you have not already. The smiles and fun will continue at Jongo!!!

  • There’s a new restaurant in the works at 401 N Main St. That’s right! The old Flight location is FINALLY being resuscitated. Construction permits are expected to be finalized within a week or two. Owners Jason and Stephanie Reasoner, former Kenmure Executive Chef and former Manager at Season’s at Highland Lake Inn respectively, will be offering “New American” cuisine. Stephanie explained it to me this way:

“We will be a casual, upscale establishment. You don’t have to get dressed up but the food will be more upscale. We are not stuffy, pretentious people and we don’t want the restaurant to be that way either!!”

Epicurean Note:

  • I’m thrilled for all involved in both locations. They’re all good people with experience & good intentions, and local to boot!
  • The transfer in Jongo Java ownership was done intelligently and smoothly.