Who’s your King Daddy?

Sweet Tooth and I were on a foraging trip in Asheville and West Asheville, looking for great foodie picks.

First stop, King Daddy Chicken & Waffles, a second venture for Early Girl Eatery owners.

We split a Pumpkin Waffle ($4). They definitely have waffle-skill, serving up fluffy inside/crispy outside quartered rounds. I got all the toasted pumpkin seeds on my half – thanks Sweet Tooth! They were surprisingly flavorful.

King Daddy Chicken and Waffle

Each order of chicken is equivalent to 1/4 bird in quantity and you can choose white or dark meat. You can also choose your chicken cooked: Fried ($7 – “breaded, seasoned, and fried golden brown”) or Heirloom ($8 – “lightly breaded and sauteed in a cast iron skillet”).

A good-sized, piping-hot chicken breast arrived with the waffle. They’d fried it up beautifully, encasing succulent meat in flavorful, crispy batter.

King Daddy Chicken and Waffle

I’m a hush puppy lover, so couldn’t resist trying King Daddy’s Sweet Potato Hush Puppies ($3 side serving). Sweet Tooth and I both found them to be cooked well but lacking in flavor – totally. Our server took note and said someone else had just told her the same thing and that customer comments were going to be discussed at the following day’s staff meeting. She was very receptive to feedback, which was nice.

King Daddy Chicken and Waffle

Epicurean Note: Although we pretty much knew where King Daddy’s was, we drove by it three times! Finally, I called PIC to get a street address. We were two doors away and STILL couldn’t find it! There was absolutely no signage anywhere because the sign maker was taking longer than promised due to an injury he sustained. We suggested putting a T-shirt (with logo) or menu cover (see hush puppy pic above) in the window.

Look for a red brick building with recessed door next to an open parking lot. A patio has been poured next to the building.

All that being said, it’s well worth taking the time to find King Daddy’s Chicken and Waffle.

King Daddy Chicken & Waffle
West Asheville
444 Haywood Rd Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 785-1690

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