Well-Bred Bakery Now Open in Biltmore Village

Voices in my head make me do it. I’ve driven from Asheville to Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe in Weaverville more than once. Arguing is futile.

“You should get deserve need a Cream Puff.” “Peanut Butter cookies are fresh out of the oven.” “You know, it’s okay to have a mid-day dessert as long as you have a sandwich and salad first.”

Looks like it’s going to get worse. Well-Bred’s second location opened June 5th, not quite two weeks ago, in Biltmore Village (Asheville) at 6 Boston Way.

PIC and I decided to take a break between errands and stop in for lunch.

After walking through their charming patio full of umbrella-ed tables and through the front door, a smaller version of what’s responsible for those voices sits front and center.

Well Bred Bakery & Cafe

Turn left to order from a wall-mounted chalk board set behind and above this case of scrumptiousness. There are folks behind the counter taking orders. They’ll give you a numbered sign ensuring delivery of goods to the right table.

Well Bred Bakery & Cafe

Now walk closer – sloooowly – past the bakery case to the register before heading up a few stairs to fresh, casual dining rooms defined by a central brick fireplace and chimney.

Well Bred Bakery & Cafe

We both ordered Chicken Salad on a Croissant. PIC got a whole sandwich, and

Well Bred Bakery & Cafe

I ordered the 1/2 sandwich and side of fruit. There are a variety of side choices available.

Well Bred Bakery & Cafe

Well-Bred’s chicken salad is made just the way I like it – with nice-sized chunks of chicken and a good number of additional ingredients including halved grapes, nuts, and herbs. Although flavorful, the chicken salad was a little dry for my taste. I’d order it again and ask if they could add a little mayo or something to juice it up.

Well Bred Bakery & Cafe

This second location has a completely different feel than the original Weaverville spot. It feels new, modern, and fresh. For those that don’t know, the homey Weaverville location is in an older building with lots of character.

Plenty of staff were on hand to keep things moving – something that’s also true in Weaverville.

Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe

6 Boston Way
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 774-5307

26 N Main St
Weaverville, NC 28787

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