Why yes, I AM a Biscuit Head

Bass Ackwards is the best way to arrive at Biscuit Head in West Asheville. That’s because there’s a nice big, free parking lot in the back. And it’s easy to go in through the back door.

Biscuit Head

Going in that way, you get to see things in reverse order: a cozy seating area, the awesome jam bar, and a cool, kind of randomly-placed mozaic structure (left from previous business?).

Biscuit Head

Head on up to the front counter, where the overhead sign says, “Order Here”.

Biscuit Head

Notice the rectangular honeycomb-looking piece of metal work on the wall (above left). I’m thinking owners Jason and Carolyn Roy have a metal artist/worker connection because there were a few of these around, as well as a large “Biscuit Head” metal sign under the rear deck – scroll back to the top and look just to the right of the ramp. I’m also thinking these “pieces” could either be intentional, or what might be considered “scrap” after cutting out multiples of the same shape for another project? Either way, they’re interesting to ponder. Menus are posted on what looks like old-timey wash boards. If they’re too busy for you, or you find them hard to read, printed menus are in a container on the counter.

Biscuit Head

It’s fun to look around the space, identifying various ways the Roys have tried to reach one of their goals.

“. . . to have a restaurant with as light of a carbon footprint as possible. By making everything either compostable or recyclable they are trying to leave zero waste behind.”

Some of the more obvious – and creative – are in the image below. It’s a little like “Where’s Waldo”, so I’ll point them out.

  • Top Left – Long metal pipe with shorter swinging pieces for display of hats for sale.
  • Left of “Order Here” sign – Light fixtures made from commercial mixer whisks.
  • Under Counter – Old doors cut and painted to create counter base.
  • Foreground – What look like repurposed school chairs.

When you go, see if you can spot anything else.

Biscuit Head

Once we found a table up front, conversation drifted from topic to topic. Most interesting was what followed this statement from my lunch buddy: “I was wondering why there are pictures of cats all over the place until I realized the biscuit connection”. Folklore and mystery surrounds this Southern favorite. Cat Head Biscuits or Cat-Head Biscuits or Cathead Biscuits, there doesn’t seem to be an official spelling. It’s said the biscuits – always drop, never cut – are the size of a cat’s head. Some say small spikes on the biscuits resemble cat fur? Many Southerners reminisce about time spent watching Grandma / MaMaw / MeeMaw mixing up biscuit dough by hand. They’d come out of the wood stove lightly browned on the outside, light and fluffy inside every time.

I thought I’d go Southern all the way and get a Country Ham Biscuit ($8). Cheese eggs were topped with a generous amount of grilled Country Ham (it’s a little salty for my taste, so I don’t order it very often) and a fried green tomato slice. Red Eye Gravy on the side is perfect. You can add a little or a lot, depending on your mood. Because that biscuit was done to fluffy, flakey, crispy perfection, it was near impossible to eat it like a sandwich. Had to use a knife and fork, mixing bites of eggs, ham, tomato, and biscuit.

Biscuit Head

My pal went for the Half Breakfast ($6): Two eggs your way and one side with a biscuit. The Full Breakfast ($9) comes with two sides. Why is that split biscuit sporting two different toppings?

Biscuit Head

Because she hit their Jam Bar. There are butters, jams, jellies, and honey. Next time it’s a Half Breakfast and the Jam Bar for me!

Biscuit Head

Both our meals were brought to us quickly and were hot. Some have expressed concern that the biscuits are so big, it’s too many carbs at one meal. I say, they’re not that huge, you really need to try these biscuits, and you don’t have to eat the whole thing – if you can stop yourself. Epicurean Notes:

  • Biscuit Head is open for Breakfast and Lunch
  • Biscuit Head is kid-friendly. Saw one family sharing a beautiful “Local Seasonal Fruit Plate”
  • They’ve opened a second location. It’s in the Doctor’s Park complex, at 417 Biltmore Ave Ste 4F, Asheville, NC 28801. Phone: (828) 505-3449

Biscuit Head
733 Haywood Rd
Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 333-5145

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