Isa’s Bistro Revisited

By Sam Ritter

Since my last review of Isa’s Bistro, we have been back a number of times for both lunches and dinners. I am thrilled to note that, if possible, it has simply gotten better!!

Chef Duane Fernandes has not rested on his laurels and has truly kicked it up a number of notches. The menu continues to change with the season and the availability of farm-to-table fresh ingredients and fare.

We had dinner most recently.

Southern Fried Calamari with smoked guanciale and capers in romanesco sauce

Southern Fried Calamari


Char-grilled day boat Spanish octopus with fried artichokes and white bean purée and chorizo crumble (you just gotta taste this!!)

Char-grilled day boat Spanish octopus

Strawberry and burrata salad (a truly spectacular addition: tastes even better than it looks!!)

Strawberry and burrata salad

Anson Mills Farro “Risotto” with wild mushrooms and artichoke sauce (“WOW!!”)

Anson Mills Farro "Risotto"

Local goat cheese and arugula stuffed pork tenderloin with red wine poached figs, candied walnuts (THIS was to die for!!)

Local goat cheese and arugula stuffed pork tenderloin

Desserts were incredible…..


…and quite edible

Dessert Plate

It too often is the case that initial success of a restaurant is followed by ho-hum sit-back-and-relax mediocrity-driven same ol’/same ol’.


Go. Go back. Go often and be delighted each time!!

Sam Ritter.