The Case of the Addison Farms Vineyard Adventure

It started out innocently enough. Three of us wine-loving babes decided to take a field trip to Addison Farms Vineyard for a little tasting.

Driving directly, it should have taken us just under an hour to get there. Indirectly – the way we chose to go to avoid heavy Mountain State Fair traffic, it took a liiiiiiiitle longer. My previously unnamed phone GPS took us on a different “direct” route – very curvy and hilly – up a mountain, down the other side, and up again to Addison. We loved the beautiful scenery as we wound through the mountain countryside, but wondered if “she” knew where she was going. She alternately talked little or often, but always with authority.

Why were we blindly following this woman’s instructions? It was fun. It was an adventure. We decided that if we were going to let her tell us what to do, she needed a name. But what name? After much discussion, it was agreed that she would be named after the first person that poured us wine at Addison.

Meet Co-owner Jeff Frisbee ~

Co-owner Jeff Frisbee

Yes, we finally got to the vineyard and my GPS’ moniker is now “Jeffie”.

“Preserving the family farm. Addison Farms Vineyard is a family-owned vineyard and winery situated on 55 acres in Leicester, NC. Located approximately 17 miles northwest of Asheville, NC, the property has been in the family for four generations. Addison Farmer and his parents purchased the property in 1937.”

It was a beautiful day for this adventure. After a tasting ($8 – includes an unusually nice wine glass) in their lovely new (2012) building,

Addison Farms Vineyard

we each had a glass of our favorite ($8) out on the back deck. The tasting room is to the right and to the left is a very nice event space.

My two favs were semi-hearty reds:

2012 Red Dress $23

Grape Variety: Montepulciano – “Montepulciano is a wonderful grape that gives us a rich wine, medium acidity, and a beautiful nose of blackberries and cherry with just a hint of spice. Pair this wine with a bolognese sauce, grilled meats, and porcini risotto.”

and Smokehouse Red $22

Grape Varieties: Chambourcin and Sangiovese – “Smokehouse Red is a blend of our 2010 Sangiovese and 2011 Chambourcin. Chambourcin is a French-American hybrid with a deep, rich color and wonderful structure. Blending with Sangiovese softens some of Chambourcin’s rougher edges. The smokehouse illustration on the label is inspired by the smokehouse on our farm. This wine is very food friendly; it will pair well with lots of dishes, including veal piccata, bangers-and-mash, and pizza.”

I definitely like the unique smokiness of Smokehouse Red. I’d pair it with grilled steak or even burgers. Red Dress? I’d be happy drinking it with just about any red meat meal.

The other two wine babes picked Smokehouse Red as their favorite.

The back deck overlooks rolling hills and the grandparents house. Two other groups stopped in for tastings while we were there. One joined us on the deck with their wine. The other took their glasses to the shaded front porch.

Addison Farms Vineyard
Shade umbrellas coming soon.

Addison Farms Vineyard

There’s also seating for a few people on the covered front patio.

Addison Farms Vineyard

If it’s a hot day, this is the place to be. It’s shaded and has a great view of the vines and beyond. If it’s a chilly day, sipping wine by the fire would be perfect.

Addison Farms Vineyard

Someone at Addison Farms takes gorgeous photos. Take a few minutes and browse through Jeff’s engaging Blog.

Current hours are:

Saturdays Noon to 5pm, Sundays 1 – 5pm, Weekdays by appointment.

If you go:

Watch for what looks like a gravel driveway belonging to someone’s home, on a curve in the road. There is an Addison Farms Vineyard sign. Follow the drive (and signs) up and to the right, passing the first right. You’ll see the new building from there.

Epicurean Notes:

  • Each wine name has a close-to-home story behind it. Ask them to tell you a few of the stories.
  • Jeff’s wife creates all the labels.
  • Their favorite color is red. Can you tell?
  • Addison supports local artists and crafters. A few pottery and wood items are for sale in the tasting room.

Addison Farms Vineyard
4003 New Leicester Hwy
Leicester, NC 28748
(828) 581-9463


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