Composed Salads, Grain Bowls, and Organizing Photo Files

By Rocquie, Sage Trifle

IF YOU LOVE COOKING AND YOU LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY (a match made in heaven) you will most likely end up with a backlog of photo files to sort through.

My files had gotten so big, they were bogging down my computer. It was time to stop procrastinating and get to work. I have deleted hundreds on photos and transferred others to an external drive.

Composed Salad

I do photograph many things other than food and this process has taken me down a memory lane of the past couple of years. There are so many cute pictures of the children–they grow and change so fast. There were pictures of my head, bald from chemo, to growing out, to my first haircut last week. There are many photos of beautiful flowers, birds, bunnies, butterflies, and bugs from our yard. Scenic photos from the gorgeous, vibrant, and hip place I am blessed to live–Asheville, North Carolina. Read More & Get Recipe