Chili’s Arden goes Table-Top Digital

We stopped at the Arden Chili’s for a quick dinner tonight.

Dinner was great – Avocado Burger with Fries

Avocado Burger & Fries

and a Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie shared with PIC. Suuuuuuper rich!

Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie

The surprise of the evening, in use since August, were table-top digital units. For a small fee, you and the kids can play games. You can order refills on your drinks and dessert.

But, your meal begins the old fashioned way, with a server. And they deliver your food and check back with you throughout the evening.

I didn’t think people would bite – pay the fee to play on the device – when most have a smart phone they can dink around on, but they did at tables all around us.

Chili's Digital Table

When you’re done, you can pay at the table and go.

Chili's Digital Table

420 Airport Rd
Arden, NC 28704
(828) 684-5067