The Ultimate book of BBQ – a beautiful thing

My face hurts from smiling. From inside the front cover (which looks like wrinkled brown butcher paper) to page 365, I smiled while deliberately turning one page at a time. The Southern Living Ultimate book of BBQ is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I’ve seen.

Ultimate book of BBQ

The photography is gorgeous and plentiful – tableaus to how-to series. But the important takeaway from this is the content behind the photos. It’s exceptionally well thought out in how it progresses from basics: some Que history, grilling techniques, and regional Southern takes on BBQ.

There are sections on Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, and a few Lamb mentions.

Page after smudged, food stained page (done with the utmost taste and magic of digital imaging) unfolds with best cuts for grilling, dressing techniques, injections, marinades, dry rubs, smoking tips, and more. Almost forgot sides and sauces.

I’m reminded of DK (Dorling Kindersley) books. Simply beautiful and amazingly detailed. One difference lies in the darker, rustic-toned imagery in Ultimate. It really is luscious.

You need to get yourself a copy whether BBQ is at the center of your life, or something you do now and then. It would make an excellent gift, also.

Some drool-worthy pages from Ultimate book of BBQ

Press Release:

The Complete Year Round Guide to Grilling, Smoking & Barbecuing
By The Editors of Southern Living
With Pitmaster, Christopher Prieto

From the rugged and smoked barbecue of the Appalachian Mountains to Alabama’s saucier BBQ, the South knows there’s no finer flavor than when food meets fire. In the SOUTHERN LIVING ULTIMATE BOOK OF BBQ (April 7, 2015; Oxmoor House $24.95), the editors of Southern Living have joined forces with acclaimed pitmaster, Christopher Prieto of North Carolina’s PRIME and the hit television show, BBQ Pitmasters, to compile more than 200 recipes and 200 photos of finger-licking ‘cue, plus hundreds of pit-proven tips and insider techniques for year-round smoking, grilling, and barbecuing. And chances are if you ask 10 different Southerners their thoughts on the best barbecue, you’re bound to get 10 different answers, which is why this book is more than just about the right amount of smoke and seasoning – it’s about barbecuing with true Southern style.
Throughout SOUTHERN LIVING ULTIMATE BOOK OF BBQ, you’ll find everything from BBQ basics to expert cooking tips from the country’s most seasoned pitmasters like Troy Black, Myron Mixon, and Robb Walsh. Everyone from novice grillers to backyard BBQ kings will be set for success with these step-by-step, easy to follow sections:

  • · Discover that when it comes to authentic barbecue, the type of meat you choose is just as important as how you cook it in Bona Fide BBQ.
  • Fueling the Fire is the ultimate resource for everything on charcoal vs. gas, using a smoker, different types of wood for smoking, plus direct and indirect grilling.
  • Get down to the nitty gritty of Low & Slow cooking for different cuts including brisket, spare ribs, pork butts, and more with delectable recipes like Beef Brisket Tostadas, Hungarian Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Beer-Can Chicken.
  • Looking for real BBQ flavor, real quick? The Hot & Fast section is a homerun with recipes like Coffee-Rubbed Skirt Steak and Grilled Balsamic-Molasses Bacon.
  • The Fiery Sides chapter gives you an arsenal of recipes for your next backyard party including Grilled Watermelon with Blue Cheese and Appalachian Cider Baked Beans.
  • Not even a little rain can put a damper on grilling plans, thanks to the Rainy Day BBQ chapter. Recipes like 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Pulled Pork achieve that out-on-the-grill flavor, right in your home kitchen.
  • Even the best-barbecued meat needs a little extra punch. Spice it Up covers everything from marinades to pickles with recipes for Lexington Barbecue Sauce, Chicken Slather, and Sweet-Hot Cukes & Peppers.
  • Barbecue like a pro by using Tips from the Pits scattered throughout the book from the South’s most celebrated pitmasters.

The editors of Southern Living explain the importance of barbecue best in the introduction when they say, “It’s much more than just sauced strands of pulled pork crowned with crunchy slaw, more than fall-off-the-bone dry-rubbed ribs, and more than fork-tender smoky brisket. It’s about sharing an ages-old tradition with family and friends – enjoying some of the most fundamentals joys in life: food and fellowship.” These rich, deep-rooted Southern origins are what make SOUTERN LIVING ULTIMATE BOOK OF BBQ the definitive resource for everyone from barbecue beginners to experienced ‘cue lovers alike.

The Ultimate book of BBQ is available at for $16.98


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Christopher Prieto is a champion pitmaster and owner of PRIME Barbecue near Raleigh, North Carolina. His journey into cooking and the world of barbecue began when he was a child living in Houston. Prieto’s fond memories of Texas barbecue and desire to search out the “soul” of real barbecue sent him on his own person quest to perfect slow smoked meats. Today, after many years of cooking on the professional barbecue circuit and appearances on shows like BBQ Pitmasters, Prieto has finally achieved what he considers barbecue excellence. This is his first cookbook.

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SOUTHERN LIVING ULTIMATE BOOK OF BBQ: The Complete Year Round Guide to Grilling, Smoking & Barbecuing
By The Editors of Southern Living and Chris Prieto
Oxmoor House
April 7, 2015
368 pages