Casual Luxury at The Firehouse Inn

Rutherfordton – What to do with a cool building that once housed the firehouse, city water, and police departments when it’s no longer needed?

Turn it into a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast, of course!

Co-owners Keven and Kitty McCammon purchased The Firehouse Inn, a beautiful 6 bedroom bed and breakfast, from previous owners who had completely remodeled the interior. Since the purchase, they’ve made it their own.

The lowest level serves as home to BlueRidge Design, Kitty’s interior design company. She has exquisite taste, by the way. It’s chock full of the cutest and most beautiful gifts and products.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Kitty while staying at the Inn. Think lovely southern born and raised woman with character strong as steel. She is the proud owner and manager of Maple Creek Farm, where she and her husband raise Texas Long Horn cattle.

You can buy the famously lean Maple Creek Farm meet at BlueRidge Design shop.We hopped into Kitty’s Hummer (right, a Hummer) and drove out to the farm for a look-see. Because the cattle would walk away if they sensed strangers, Kitty drove right out into and around the hilly pasture. Talk about fun!

Maple Creek Farm

Maple Creek Farm

The Firehouse Inn
125 W 1st St
Rutherfordton, NC 28139
(828) 286-9030

BlueRidge Design
134 N. Washington St
Rutherfordton, NC 28139