10 Easy Christmas Cookies to make with Children

Having fun with children in the kitchen is one of my favorite things.

It’s important to pick recipes that are easy enough that you, as the adult, won’t stress over unusually complicated or perfect cookies. Expect finger-licking, raw dough eating, messy children and kitchen. Relax and have fun!

These 10 recipes fit my rule of thumb: KISMIF – Keep It Simple, Make It Fun perfectly. With that in mind, not all these cookies are baked from scratch. Feel free to substitute your own cookie recipe to be decorated.

Candy Bar Pretzel Bites Recipe From: The Gunny Sack

Candy Bar Pretzel Bites

Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies Recipe From: Baker Girl

Reindeer Cookies

Santa Hat Brownies Recipe From: Daisy’s World

Santa Hat Brownies

Beautiful and Buttery Holiday Spritz Cookies Recipe From: Oh My! Sugar High

Sugar Cookie Tip: if you are baking with younger children, one way to streamline the process and cut down on time, is to roll out the dough, cut the cookies out, place on cookie sheets and give each child their own cookie sheet to decorate.

Holiday Spritz Cookies

For some reason, I’m completely smitten by melting snowman cookies. Following are three different versions with varying levels of difficulty.

Melting Snowmen Cookies Recipe From: Little Broken

Melting Snowmen Cookies

Melting Snowmen Cookies Recipe From: Kraft

Melting Snowmen Cookies

Melting Snowmen Cookies Recipe From: Treehouse Parents

Melting Snowmen Cookies

Lidia’s Simple Sugar Cookies Recipe From: Community Table

Sugar Cookies

Christmas Pretzel Buttons Recipe From: Sweet Anna’s

Christmas Pretzel Buttons

Christmas Snickerdoodles Recipe From: Craving Cobbler

Christmas Snickerdoodles


  1. Great post! Cooking with children is something I really love and my little kitchen helper and I have already baked a couple of batches of cookies. She will enjoy some of these goodies. Thanks for sharing, Rocquie

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