Good News for Book Lovers!

Fletcher – You’ll miss it if you’re not paying attention.

See the sign reading, “Book Store in Rear”? It’s the red and white sign that’s staked a claim closest to Hendersonville Road at the Hendersonville Rd and Butler Bridge Rd cluster of businesses.

Books for God

Follow the parking lot to the back. The way back. When you’re half way there, you’ll see the sign below. Keep going.

Books for Good

Turn into the gravel parking lot when you see this building.

Books for Good

There’s plenty of parking in front of this unassuming, dare I say totally nondescript, entrance.

Books for Good

You have arrived at the utterly fantastic Books for Good used book store.

Walking in the door, what I noticed was what I didn’t notice; the absence of any dank, musty feel or smell, typical of so many used book stores. It’s bright, fresh, and begs to be explored.

The second thing I noticed was the quantity of beautiful, well organized shelves, including a children’s section. And take a look at prices in the picture below!

Books for Good

PIC and I were on a quest to find books missing from our Agatha Christie collection. But of course were sucked into aisle after aisle; “Oh, look! Here’s the Michener book I’ve been looking for! And it’s in perfect shape!!”

Books for Good

Why the name “Books for Good”? All books sold benefit various charities. They use a bar code system that automatically credits the charity of the donor’s choice when their books are sold. Pretty slick.

“Books for Good is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that sells books, CDs, and DVDs on behalf of any IRS-recognized charity selected by the donor. All proceeds after operating expenses and applicable sales taxes will go to the designated charity since Books for Good has no paid employees. Books for Good will distribute proceeds quarterly to charities with balances of at least $50 or annually to charities whose balances have not reached $50.”

Books for Good

We left with a nice stack of books and will be stopping in regularly.

Books for Good

See more at the Books for Good website or Facebook page.

For directions and info on how to find them, see their Contact page.

Books for Good
50 Heritage Park Dr
Fletcher, NC 28732
(828) 989-4655