Up next at Buxton Hall BBQ

Asheville, NC


The Harvest Moon presented by Velvet & Lace
Thursday, October 6th & 20th

We’re back! Just wait for the potions, elixirs, brews and cordials that we’ve been brewing. We can’t wait to share what’s ahead…

Velvet & Lace returns with the Harvest Moon series, a two-part event that hosts out-of-state female bartenders for a late-night entrancing takeover of Buxton Hall.

The Harvest Moon Series embodies fall, the moon, the enchanted, haunted forest and All Hallow’s Eve – through – crafty & witchy cocktails, lady bartenders, appropriately dark music, light snacks, fire, smoke and spells.

The Harvest Moon Series presented by Velvet & Lace
Thursday, October 6th and 20th
10:30pm to 2am
Main bar of Buxton Hall
32 Banks Avenue

Halloween Dance Party late night extravaganza
Saturday, October 29th

Remember Halloween 2015? We sure do. Buxton through our first ever dance party and man, was it a hit. We’re doing it again – in a much bigger fashion. Naturally we’re throwing a giant block party – in conjunction with Greg Cartwright and Last FM. The event kicks off at noon, down the block at Catawba with live music and cold beer. Chill in the courtyard until dusk, then, walk on down to Buxton for a late-night haunted dance party with rotating Djs, barbecue and spirituous concoctions.

Halloween Block Party extravaganza
Whole event – 12pm – 2am
Dance Party – 10:30pm – 2am
32 Banks Avenue
Cocktails / music / late night food


Harry Nilsson Dinner a secret popup at Buxton Hall
Thursday, November 17th

You are invited to experience Buxton in a totally new and unexpected way – through a crazy, energetic and trippy dining experience. This ‘secret’ popup dinner by Elliott Moss, is inspired by the artist, Harry Nilsson.

You are invited to a secret location. Upon arrival, discover a space disguised in kitschy-cool 70s gear and ragtime garb, Nilsson songs fill the room with buzzing energy. The dinner itself is a traditional style, coursed, prix fixe meal in an untraditional setting. Each course is matched with a different Nilsson song. The undisclosed space is tricked out with a DJ booth and bar. Settle in for a wild evening brought by your favorite heavy-hitters of Buxton Hall.

Harry Nilsson Dinner a secret popup at Buxton Hall
6p – till
Location undisclosed
Prix Fixe – TBD

2Nixons Popup
Sunday, November 27th & Monday, November 28th

While we will never, ever, ever, get tired of barbecue and our tried & true southern menu, even we like to mix it up from time-to-time. Join us, through a two part guest-chef appearance with Jeffrey Stoneberger of 2Nixons – 2Nixons serves next-level, nontraditional ramen and other Japanese and Korean-inspired dishes cooked over binchōtan charcoal grills. Chef/Owner Jeffrey Stoneberger introduced 2 Nixons pop-up restaurant to Charleston, S.C., in October 2015. Now, for two nights, he’s bringing his talents to Buxton Hall.

Sunday evening, Moss and Stoneberger collaborate on a special menu of panasian bites a la the days of Punk Wok and long ago ramen dreams. Monday, 2Nixons takes control with a menu of ramen, yakitori, and other izakaya-style snacks. Both experiences feature a cool dinner party atmosphere with highenergy music and innovative food.

2Nixons popup
November 27th and 28th
6p – 12p
The Remingtin Room of Buxton Hall
A la carte menu


Left Brain / Right Brain an extrasensory dining experience – Wednesday, December 7th

Left Brain / Right Brain is an extrasensory popup dinner by Ashley Capps and Jessica Rosenkoetter of Buxton Hall. Featuring several guest chefs, yet to be announced, in a theatre-like dining experience.

Participate in a sensory stimulating six course dinner. The first half of the dinner focuses on the left brain – through monochromatic, linear, edgy, simple and clean dishes and cocktails. The later half of the dinner will focuses on the right brain. These dishes will be creative, colorful and flowy. Each course is an interactive experience – think science fair meets circus.

Left Brain / Right Brain an extrasensory dining experience
6 p – till
The Remingtin Room of Buxton Hall
Six Courses – $50 / ticket – gratuity not included
A la carte bar
A portion of the proceeds go to the Senior Dining outfit of the Council on Ageing

Buxton Hall BBQ
32 Banks Ave
Asheville, NC
(828) 232-7216