Black Twig Cider House Cider and Cheese Tasting

Durham, NC – Black Twig Cider House is doing another cider class. For this class Mattie will be working with Ali Morgan, a Certified Cheese Professional. Ali has not only a passion for cheese, but for pairing them with other types of foods and different styles of beverages!

Hailing from Texas with almost 7 years of cheese experience, Ali moved to the triangle to learn how to make farmstead cheese and is now spending her time teaching cheese classes and getting people excited about all that cheese has to offer! There will be 5 cheeses and 4 cider tastings. We will talk about the cheeses and cider individually and then why we decided to pair them together.

Saturday, March 11th @ 3 pm – Special guest, Alexander Kast will join us on March 11th to tell us about his new project KastHuis.

Black Twig Cider House
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